BSTI’ve finally made it to Slovakia which becomes the 16th country I visit! I will stay here for two nights before going to Vienna. My first impressions of the city are really good so far. I’ve met my friend at the airport, then we headed to a park to enjoy the sunny day. Later for the evening, we had a great time on a rooftop looking on Bratislava’s Castle and other landmarks shining by night.

I’ve taken a Ryanair flight from London Luton to Bratislava Airport, the duration of the flight is 2 hours and Ryanair successfully made it on time, I must say that this company is very punctual despite all the bad stuff we hear about it which I think are just exaggerations! When arriving at Bratislava Airport I’ve passed through the security check easily, the police officer kindly welcomed me.


Outside the airport, the bus is the most common way to get to the centre. I’ve taken a 3 day transport pass for 10 euros. It is valid for buses and tramway all over the Slovak capital. I’ve been then to Polus City Centre a commercial centre in a nice area then to a Park named “Kuchajda” where it is very nice to swim around the lake, sunbath and have a picnic. The population of the city seems to be very openminded and westernised! Although, I’ve noticed that immigrants are not really present here…


Anyway, after a great afternoon there we headed to a rooftop in the Old Town of Bratislava that looked over the main landmarks the Castle, the UFO and Saint-Martin’s… It is amazing to observe sunset from there and see the sky turning into dark with the shining stars of the sky.


Overall, a great day with a very good and positive first impression. On my second day, I’ll be visiting the Old Town by day and I’m looking forward to meet the famous statues and sculpture of the city…