BTSAfter a first day in Bratislava, I’m still here to discover deeper the city and its culture. My day started with a walk all along the river with my friend then I climbed to the top of the Castle of Bratislava then down to the City Centre for a meeting and later in the evening I had a very nice and typical Slovak dish followed by a walk around the Old Town, to end up this nice day I had a Moroccan Tea in a very special hidden place in Bratislava. Details after the jump!

Yesterday (yes, I have one day delay on posting articles…) I have discovered more of Bratislava. Around 11am, me and my friend headed to an industrialised zone that has the styles of a new city centre with shopping malls, fancy restaurants and flats over-looking the Danube River. We walked all along the river to reach the UFO Bridge (known also as Novy Most, New Bridge) a symbolic construction from the communism era with a restaurant at the top of it.


After walking around Saint Martins Church and seeing a bit of the Jewish Quarter, I climbed on a long number of stairs towards Bratislava’s Castle passing by the House of the Slovak Parliament where I’ve seen just the amazing entrance and reception of it.

From the castle, we could see the whole city of Bratislava even territories of Hungary and Austria. Indeed, Bratislava is almost the point of contact between those 3 countries. After walking around the castle, I headed down to meet up with my friend’s friends. A nice group of people gathering to exchange ideas, talk and have a good time! Well, I would say that I really had a great time with them and got to meet with locals from Slovakia ready to answer any of my questions and who also had a lot of interest in meeting someone from Morocco.


Later on the evening, I had my first Slovak dish! Roasted beef with a creamy sauce and a traditional bread topped with another fruity-ish and sweet sauce. The dish costs 7.90 euros and it was quite filling.

Following my great dinner, I headed to the heart of the Old Town where I was able to hear some French music on an event organised by the “Institut Francais” and apparently well supported by France’s embassy. The walk lead me to meet some nice guys… the statues of Bratislava and the most famous the Man at Work!


Around 9pm, it got dark around the city and the Old Town became vibrant and very animated by some bars and restaurants. Although, I had a quiet night with a Moroccan tea in a place serving a wide selection of teas, all types from Peru to China!


That was my second day in Bratislava. It was great, I met some nice people and I will definitely keep a great memory of Slovakia and its people! Dakujem (edit: sorry, it’s similar to Polish but in Slovak it is Dziekujen!…) anyway, I wanted to say “Thank you Bratislava”!

Now, I'm in Vienna, Austria! :)