After few days in Bratislava, I’ve taken a bus linking the Slovak capital with its twin city Vienna in Austria. The bus journey took me to a whole new world! It is my first time in a german speaking country and that is somehow exciting challenging my very limited german knowledge… limited to “Guten Tag” (Hello!).

When I just arrived to Vienna, I met two french girls who are travelling too. We have discovered a central part of the city (when it comes to german, I’m not good at remembering the names…) then I headed to Nash Market to have a look. Today, it’s my second day in Vienna and I had a great time visiting Schönbrunn Palace followed by a walk from Karlsplatz to Stadtpark. Later I joined a CouchSurfing event, a BBQ on the Danube River. Continue reading for details about my trip inside the heart of Europe.

On friday 12th morning, I’ve taken a bus from Bratislava to Vienna, the price is 7.20 euros from a city centre to another! The journey was nice as I they provide a wifi service and the distance is short. It takes about one hour to get to the other city. It was also quite interesting to notice the differences between the countries… I thought because those cities are very close so despite the fact that it’s two different countries there should be some similarities but no! Vienna seems to be a very mixed city with its population in opposition to Bratislava that has almost an exclusive population from Slovaks, Hungarians and Czech. So, by the other austrian side, I see that there is a presence of more people from other European countries such as Spain or Italy but also Turkish and Arab communities.


Anyway, I’ve taken the U-Bahn to get to Stenphansplatz, the heart of the city. The transport ticket costs about 15 euros for unlimited use during 3 days. Once at the centre, I could see how busy it is with all the tourists coming from everywhere! After a small tour by myself, I met two french girls for a longer tour of the city… We’ve been around a random street following the crowds of tourists, we passed Sisi Museum and ended up in the Museum Quartier… a kind of a Vienese South Kensington known for its multiple museums. We separated there and decided to meet again on our next stop… Budapest! By my side, I walk around Karlsplatz and Nashmarkt a nice market at the centre of the city.


The next day, I’ve been to Schonbrunn Palace a very well known castle from the Autrian royal history. I’ve chosen to take the Grand Tour which takes me around 40 rooms of the castle from one to another with an audio guide. The tour takes around 1 hour to complete. Although, I missed the gardens as I had to pay extra to enter and also I didn’t want to waste too much time there as I haven’t seen much of the city yet.

Following the Palace, I head back to Karlplatz to see Nash Market at lunchtime where it looks very busy! Then I walked to Stadpark trying to do the whole Ring of Vienna but it takes about an hour to walk this circle street! I was lazy so I headed to a CouchSurfing BBQ where I met some locals and travellers. It was in front of the Danube host of some water activities such as swimming or water skiing!


This is what I’ve done friday and saturday. Sunday is about more adventures… I’ll go climbing! 🙂 Stay tuned, soon I’ll be in Budapest!