On sunday night, I safely landed at Casablanca Mohammed V Airport where my family was waiting for me. I came back home for 2 nights to see my family and also celebrate my mother’s birthday before getting back to London’s routine (which I incredibly enjoy…) and studies starting on 20th September.

I have done nothing special so far just staying home and around my neighbourhood named Oasis. On the picture above after continue reading, we can see my former high school (the red building), a view from my house (green trees), the high street on the top left under rehabilitation and a random street (Rue des Papillons) leading to my home. Yes, so far… nothing special or exciting to see or visit. On tuesday, I’ll be in London again, holidays are officially over. University starts again! On the picture above, we can see Casablanca’s view from the plane on my way back to London. My city is huge, isn’t it?