Budapest is well-known for its thermal baths and spas. I’ve always wanted to try this so before coming here I made sure I had all information about accessing some baths. Szechenyi Bath is one of the most famous in the city, the entrance fee is about 4500 HUF which is around 13 euros. This fee includes access to outdoor baths, swimming pool, indoor baths and saunas. The day we have been there was sunny so it was really easy to get tanned while enjoying the hot water of the bath. Details of this experience follows by clicking continue reading…

As I’ve planned before coming to Budapest, trying a bath was one of my priorities here! Around 10am, I met the frenchies then we walked around to finally reach Szechenyi Bath by metro line 2. Around noon, we were by the entrance of the bath where we payed and received a key to a locker. We changed and got straight outdoor to enjoy the sun. This bath was fully crowded by tourists coming to discover and enjoy more than anything else. It is very pleasant to be a in hot water outside and it is also much more pleasant when the water reaches 38 degrees in the indoor baths. We tried the sauna too but it reaches a temperature of 45 degrees and also 60 degrees… 2 minutes where enough to stop my breath!


From a bath to another, I think I’ve had a great time there. It is an amazing place with a nice architecture. However, as I said it is full with tourists so probably for few more “forints” it is possible to find a better bath. We spent over 5 hours there and joined a CouchSurfing meeting in the city. It was interesting to meet locals, travellers and some backpackers doing an interrail trip over Europe.

Today, I’m still visiting Budapest. I’m writing from a Costa Coffee and will be visiting mainly the Heroes Square then make my way to the airport for my next stop… Milano! 🙂