The last Free Hugs I’ve hosted were held in Paris last june. Since then, I didn’t have the chance to host (or co-host) another time until I cameback to London this week. An event was already created by Focallocal so I just joined for Saturday! As usual our meeting point is Trafalgar Square in the heart of the capital. We meet at 2pm but people generally join within the next hour, this time we were around 10 people giving hugs from Focallocal and CouchSurfing.

Besides our great event, Trafalgar Square has hosted the Eid Festival a muslim celebration for the end of Ramadan. We had some nice Middle-Eastern and Asian music all the afternoon with a very mixed crowd of people. Reactions from people have been amazing, so much laugh, so much fun and so much love. I’ll not write much… Pictures after the jump say everything!

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