As every month, same place, same time… Trafalgar Square at 2pm, we meet to give Free Hugs to visitors of the square. Trafalgar Square is a strategic meeting point for us as it is in the heart of London in the area previously known as Charing Cross. This lively place is often used for multiple events such as Chinese New Year, Olympics, St Patrick’s Day,… However, the use of it the square for other things is forbidden so every event not approved or organised by London authorities should take place on the side upstairs down the National Gallery. Therefore, we can only give Free Hugs there and we are not supposed to cross a line specified on the square. Strange rules… but I can understand that the square stays ‘clean’ this way around the fountains and the lions.

Next Free Hugs with Focallocal will take place on the 3rd week of October probably. Date to be confirmed later.