Following my visit to the micro-state of San Marino, Clarissa has taken me to a wonderful place. It’s a village not far from Rimini where I was based, the name of it is Santarcangelo. The experience was great as residents are very pleasant, joyful and welcoming. Moreover, I’ve had one of the best italian food ever!

In the village, we have seen some caves from the 15th century where people hide from during periods of wars. We have also been to a very special museum… The Button Museum a place full of colours and history with a wide collection of buttons from the beginning of the 20th century.

Rimini and its province are famous for medieval and historic constructions. Santarcangelo is an example of it. Our visit started with a walk in the quiet streets of the village with no tourists around… It was a good feeling to be the only traveler discovering this lovely place. Therefore being one of the rarest tourists around that day I felt more than welcome there with some nice people ready to talk and tell more about their village and culture.

In The Museum of Buttons, I met the owner who seems to have a passion for buttons. His collection is wide by size, by quantity and by history. He states that every button has a story behind. He explains that the museum is divided into 3 sections:

  • History of the 1900 with about 4.800 buttons reflecting Italian political and social history and customs
  • Materials: 1300 buttons showing more than 45 different materials with which buttons were made and still are.
  • Buttons of 1700-1800: a collection of around 800 buttons, it includes special and precious buttons from the Golden Age where buttons were made from ‘noble’ materials.

Therefore, The Button Museum is very rich with an ability to satisfy all those who wish to study the subject in depth. We also have been told that “the Button is also an object of communication and seduction…”. Well, I was seduced I must say… The old man -owner of the museum was very happy to receive a guest from Morocco, he made me sign the guestbook and recorded my country on his statistics book showing that this little museum has received visitors from 122 different nationalities.


After, the museum we have taken a dinner in a typical restaurant where pasta is made at home and cooked fresh. I have taken a (name missing,… but it was a pasta filled inside with cheese and mushrooms) and my friend got a lasagna. Both dishes were good and I would easily say it is the best italian food I’ve ever had! I think I will remember this food forever until I taste better… which I think will not be an easy thing!

This was my evening in Santarcangelo, the next day I left Rimini for Pavia a little town out of Milan. It is my last night in Italy before getting back to Morocco. Stay tuned, I’ll soon be in a city near you!

More information about The Button Museum: