85a7ccd23eAfter one night in Mohammedia, I came back to Casablanca on monday to get ready for my next trip… Nice and Monaco! But a member of my family has been taken to hospital after a coma so I had to postpone then cancel the trip. Today I was free so I’ve been to a cinema to watch a movie, I’ve had in mind “The Great Gatsby” but my sister -who accompanied me- has watched it already so we’ve chosen “Identity Thief” starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. After 15 minutes, due to a technical problem we’ve changed the movie and randomly chose another room… room 5 screening “The Big Wedding“.

The cinema in question is Megarama (where the Meditel Morocco Music Awards has taken place last week) a multiplex along the coast of Casablanca, the biggest in Africa with 16 rooms including a 3000 seats room! The multiplex also contains the second largest screen in the world after Los Angeles. This week at Megarama, films screening prices are set for 25MAD (£2) for all movies including new releases such as “Man of Steel“! This special price is due to “La fête du Cinema” a promotional operation taking place in France every year to celebrate “Le septieme Art” as we refer to cinema in French!

Tomorrow, I’m heading back to Meknes for few days. Before 3rd July, I plan to get back to London. Stay tuned, I’ll soon be coming to a city near you!