It’s Halloween! How can I ignore that with all the excitement over it in London? It’s definitely not just treats for kids but more than that… Last week, I celebrated Halloween in a couple of house parties, although for the scariest day of the year I decided to take it slow with a bike ride all over Kensington. However, it is not an ordinary bike ride… we have been escorted by 2 actors all along the way performing a wedding in 1899. We have been cycling from Holland Park by High Street Kensington side to Portobello Road in Notting Hill.

The starting point of this bike ride was a Barclays bike docking station in Holland Park. The first act started with an introduction and some sweet mini-cupcakes to eat, this is a complicated love story that I actually don’t remember the details of… but in a quick summary it’s a Lord who is in love with a woman but had to marry a dead one! The next step was the big departure! We started cycling on the cycle lane of the park until we reached Wormswood Scrubs Park where we have seen the second act that is the reconstitution of the wedding and how the Lord met his love. Following this act, we cycled all along the canal on Paddington Branch via Westbourne Park.


The next act was in a church where we have witnessed the mum’s Lord forcing him to marry the dead woman… Later we were in Notting Hill where we have been taken to Portobello Road to assist the final act of the play. The host of the final act is a nice coffee house called Pedlars. This ride made me discover a lot more of the area of North Kensington, Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove, Westbourne Park and more. The only times I’ve been there was during Notting Hill Carnival last august and last year. I have finished my evening with a pizza at my favourite pizzeria in London, Arancina.

Happy Halloween! I'll soon be coming to a city near you! Brrr!