Even though Chelsea is in Central London, many people don’t even know where it is. Before moving to a flat in Chelsea in March 2013, I really was one of those. I even thought Chelsea was a town outside London due to the famous football club but by living here, I got the opportunity to see beyond the football club, the fancy shops on King’s Road and Saatchi Gallery. Here are some of the prettiest hidden streets of Chelsea.


1- Lennox Gardens Mews

All of west London is full of mews streets, they are simply cute and very photogenic. It is definitely Instagram material! Lennox Gardens Mews is particularly beautiful with its blend of colourful houses: pink, black, grey, beige and more. It is also interesting to notice that the street behind is full of red-brick buildings which offers such a big contrast of architecture.


2- Smith Terrace

The first time I run into this street, I was like: “How come I’ve never been here?”. It is absolutely amazing to notice this curvy street stretching all the pretty little houses on its path. On the same street, there is Chelsea Synagogue which is probably the only synagogue in the area.


3- Godfrey Street

This is by far my favourite street in London. I walk there frequently as it’s on my way to the library and the gym and every time, I stop by to take pictures because I can’t get enough! There are some of the prettiest houses in London there, a set of triplet houses painted in yellow, blue and red. A must-see!


4- Draycott Place

Even though this street is in Chelsea, its architecture looks more typical of Knightsbridge area. This street is particularly standing out with the red-brick buildings and it is not very quiet as it has few hotels, the Spanish Consulate – yes, those guys can be quite loud! and the bus 360 passing by. It is also leading to Sloane Square.


5- Egerton Crescent

This street has been named the most expensive street in Britain. Try Egerton Crescent, for a full shade of white buildings and private English gardens. All topped up with fancy cars!