Chefchaouen is one of the most special cities in Morocco simply because it is all blue, like… all blue! The Old Town is quite small but it has so many things to see and do! I visited last April for 2 nights which were not enough, I could easily stay there over a week even after seeing all the sights. Just walking in its little blue streets, Chefchaouen, “blue” me away!

City: Chefchaouen, Morocco



1- Get lost in the Medina

My favourite activity in an Old Town is getting lost, that way I see more and discover new things that are not on the tourist trail. Chefchaouen’s Medina is calling you to get lost inside it because of its little streets one looking like the other. The locals’ daily life are some of the nice things I discovered on this walk.


2- Waterfalls of Ras El Maa

Don’t expect huge waterfalls but the whole setting of this area is fascinating. Ras El Maa is located in the east side of the Medina. It is key location for locals who go there to cool down in front of the fresh waters, they even use these waters to do their laundry on sunny days, so nice to watch or even give them a hand! There is a nice café where I felt like the water is flowing down my feet. I even suggest to follow the waters all the way to the Portuguese Bridge.


3- Kasbah

The Kasbah of Chefchaouen is very well preserved. It is really beautiful to see it with its beige and brownish colours within all the blue, all topped with a huge red and green star Moroccan flag. The cafés and restaurants near the square have a nice view over it by day or night.


4- Sleep and eat well

During high season it is extremely hard to find a place to stay in Chefchaouen! It is advised to book early. I had the opportunity to stay at a very well designed and maintained guest-house called Dar Gabriel. It’s very well located as well. I also took a look at various riads and hotels and they all look very nice so it’s not a bad idea to change atmospheres by making 2 different bookings. There is also a new project going on just outside Chefchaouen, the Djebli Club, a hostel that “belongs to everyone” where guests are not meant to pay for their stay but instead contribute creatively with the locals in the region.


For food, Chefchaouen offers a great choice of decent places to eat. Prices also vary but not necessarily according to quality. I had just an ok meal for above average price at Casa Aladdin but then it was right in front of the Kasbah with a stunning view. I particularly liked Casa Hassan where traditional Moroccan food is served in a nice and intimate atmosphere.


5- View points over Chefchaouen

There are lot of view points over Chefchaouen, some of which require a climb to the mountains but passes via marijuana plantations so be careful. The easiest climb is the one right off Ras El Maa waterfalls. There is a clear path leading up to the Spanish Mosque which is the most frequented by travellers. The view is amazing especially at sunset.

If my article didn’t “blue” you away, watch my video blog:

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