Costa del Sol is a region of Spain that knows very well how to combine culture and beach holidays. I visited many times due to the close proximity with Morocco and I can say that I am always surprised by it. Costa del Sol is indeed just few kilometres away from Morocco when visiting by ferry and just over one hour away by plane from Casablanca. To kick off my summer holidays, I visited few weeks ago and here’s my suggestion of 5 towns to visit in Costa del Sol.

Location: Costa del Sol, Spain




This is without any doubt one of my favourite towns in all of Spain. It is the perfect blend of Andalusian culture and Mediterranean influences from Northern Africa and other parts of Southern Europe. It is also the place to combine beach, party and history. Its Old Town is really tiny but dates back to the 15th century with some pretty sights every here and there. My favourite is surely Orange Square! Just 5 minutes away, there’s a beach by the centre to relax and enjoy a cocktail. Further away is Puerto Banus, the place to party! But expect to spend some euros, a bit pricey around there…



I stayed most of my time in Malaga from where I was making day trips to nearby towns. It is a great base however I felt like doing the same things all over again. So perhaps staying one week there is just enough. The Old Town is surely pretty too but it isn’t my favourite. People are really friendly and welcoming despite the huge loads of tourists setting off from their cruise ships to visit for the day. At night, the city is calmer but most action happens in bars and clubs where people party till the morning! A highlight is surely Gibralfaro from where the view over the city is a must see.



I like Fuengirola but it is always busy for no apparent reason. There isn’t anything special to do but I must say that everything is available there within minutes walk: bars, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping streets and more. So I guess it’s a good base for travellers to stay as it is also well connected to other towns in Costa del Sol. My highlight is definitely the beach which isn’t bad at all.



I think it is also one of my favourite old towns in the area. I love how it gets busy around sunset time as tourists and locals walk down the steps of San Miguel. It is very well connected town as it is between two big cities of Malaga and Fuengirola. I went there for an evening only and it was enough to see the pretty coast and have a paella by the sea. Note that some restaurants are really overpriced due to tourism but food was always satisfying wherever I ate.



Mijas is less known for tourists but it does have a huge Aqua Park which I highly recommend for a day full of fun with friends or family! The beach side is actually quite pretty, more residential and more quiet than other towns which have their main beaches by the center.

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