945673_10153013120140319_489687300_nThis is my first day in London after my comeback, in the morning I had to do some small tasks such as getting new glasses, print some documents and get a new haircut. The afternoon was much different as I’ve met some friends in Green Park to celebrate the joys of the summer!

Later that day, a Taiwanese friend I met in the park invited me to join her regular meeting with the rest of her friends all from Taiwan. Today, they scheduled a dinner and karaoke night in a Chinese restaurant in Golders Green. London is really the city from where you can travel everywhere…  I surely agreed to join so I can have a typical asian experience.

The restaurant is located in Golders Green, it is named Local Friends. The waiter greeted us and showed us various private rooms. Indeed, we had a room just for us, that was large enough with a big table for dinner, some spare chairs, a big couch, an air conditioner, a tv and a monitor for the karaoke. We have started our night by selecting dishes from the menu when we were enough people in attendance. I’ve chosen the Chicken Curry as it is my favourite dish and the one that I know best to avoid having something I don’t like… but what we have done is selecting a lot of dishes and share them between us.


I strangely were the one to kick off the karaoke… with Bon Jovi’s hit It’s My Life, not a good start although I had some fun. Following my unforgettable performance, the group started singing Chinese and Taiwanese songs… even some Korean. They kept singing even during dinner which gave good vibes to it. After dinner, we started mixing some english songs and I took the mic for Rihanna’s Cheers! We kept singing and dancing and we had so much fun when the big hit Gangnam Style played from PSY. It’s crazy that everyone knew the lyrics from a Korean song… It was definitely the highlight of the night with the dance choreography!


I will not give details of every song we played but I have to add that the group was brilliant singing very well to the point that I ask if they are really singing or is it just the background music I am hearing… Great event I would surely attend another time with a nice group of Taiwanese proud of their culture and their sovereignty! 🙂


This saturday, I plan to drop into a Free Hugs event organised by someone else and get some hugs and head somewhere else… I don’t know yet, maybe in another country’s gathering? 🙂