I love Marrakech but I understand that it is very touristy and can be hectic sometimes. I prefer to go elsewhere in Morocco to avoid tourists and crowds. Here are 6 other cities to visit in Morocco instead (or after) Marrakech!



The capital of Morocco is Rabat. This city has so much to offer in terms of attractions. The city can feel a bit boring sometimes but that’s the nature of it. It’s a very calm city so definitely not as hectic as Marrakech. Also, the people have a different lifestyle there. Things to see range from Hassan Tower to the Oudayas and much more. Here‘s what I’ve done there in one night.



This is not my favourite city in Morocco. But it is an exceptional blend as Tangier is tucked between the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Detroit of Gibraltar. It has lot of history and can be a great alternative to Marrakech. It has a different climate and different people again. I love their accent!

Bab Mansour


Surely similar to Marrakech but yet very different and I guess, more authentic. I must admit that Meknes is not very welcoming to visitors as nothing seem to be made or arranged for tourists. That could be a great thing… because well, you will be a local like the others. Careful the scams and pickpockets though. My favourite place is Lhdim Square and the Old Town. Really a delight to walk there.



Marrakech might be the Red city but Chefchaouen is the Blue city. And that could be a very original thing to do in Morocco, visit the bluest place you will ever see in your entire life. I’m so in love with this city. It is very small and things to do are limited but strangely I never felt bored or needed to go away. I could spend at least one week there. Here are 5 things to do in Chefchaouen!



There is a strange thing with Essaouira. Either people love it or hate it. I’m somewhere in between… I love it for what it is. But I hate it for what it’s not. Simply because it can be so much better! It has the potential to grow. But anyway, go see it yourself. I loved the Old Town but not the food, I strangely didn’t find much offer on good quality restaurants. And one of the best times to visit is during Gnaoua Music Festival. A once in a lifetime musical experience!



How can I not include my hometown! I promise, I’m not biased. Casablanca is a great alternative to Marrakech. It is not touristy but has so many cool things to do. However, expect the kind of same hectic atmosphere as Marrakech but at least it’s not as hot as there. Attractions include Sacré-Coeur Cathedral, Hassan II Mosque, Rick’s Café from Casablanca movie and much more! Here’s a suggestion on things to do during a stopover and my Top 8 Attractions.