MairieJust after arriving in Paris safely, my cousin drove us to Mantes -twin cities Mantes-la-Ville and Mantes-la-Jolie 60ish km away from Paris- to celebrate my other cousin’s wedding. His is Moroccan and his future wife is Algerian. The two neighbour countries with similar cultures mixed in one night full of celebration!

The wedding has started with a visit to the “Mairie de Mantes-La-Ville” few steps away from the couple’s homes. It is the place where they will be officially married by law! This ceremony usually take place quietly for french couples, however, because we are from North Africa there must be some music!

A well-known artist Raiss Tijani with his band played the very famous Moroccan “Dekka Merakchia” when walking from the groom’s house to the bride’s home.

Few steps away with this loud music, we have reached the bride’s house from where the couple meet, the bride’s family greets ours… It is also the point where our two cultures mixes! Algerian and Moroccan have a very similar culture, although, because we are ourselves coming from this region we could feel the similarities and clearly the differences!


Later at night, we drive to the Party Hall to celebrate the wedding à la moroccan et à l’algerian! Males dress the same, a suit and tie. Females wear traditional clothes that can show the person’s identity and cultural background… Moroccan, Algerian or French!

The wedding party lasts till 4am with music from all the cultures! From traditional Moroccan Chaabi to Middle-Eastern Pop and from Algerian Kabyle Rai to Psy’s Gangnam Style. All music sound familiar to the crowd as people are from different ages and different backgrounds.

It was a night full of joy and entertainment. I have discovered new facts about our lovely neighbour Algeria during this wedding and I had fun just as much as other people did. I got to meet my mother and my sister and also the rest of my relatives leaving in France that I get to see rarely.

The following day, after 5 hours sleep… I hit the streets back to Paris with all excitement to run my 9th Free Hugs event!

Stay tuned 🙂