Visiting Luxembourg was the easiest and most stress-free trip I’ve ever made. From the moment I land at Luxembourg International Airport to the moment I left. Why? Simply because it’s a small landlocked country and everything is near everything. So I was based in the capital, Luxembourg City, but I took the opportunity to visit Vianden and its majestic castle. The trip overall takes 1 hour with the train, then the bus. I can tell that it’s definitely worth the detour!

City: Vianden, Luxembourg



Cute little houses in Vianden

Getting to Vianden Castle

From Luxembourg City Station, I took a train to Ettelbruck. The ride takes about half hour and goes through some scenic Luxembourgish countryside landscapes. When arriving to Ettelbruck, I just left the station and 40 meters on the right, there’s the 570 bus which stops at Vianden.

The great things of being in a small country is that it’s so practical to travel. For only 4 euros, it’s possible to get a daily pass to travel on public transports of the whole country including between cities. In my case, I had the Luxembourg Card which costs 28 euros and was valid for 3 days. It covered public transport, some special discounts and entrances to over 60 attractions in the Grand Duchy including Vianden Castle.

castle view

View over Vianden from the castle

Once in Vianden, it’s possible to take a chairlift to climb up to the castle with a scenic and refreshing view. It’s free when using the Luxembourg Card. Unfortunately, the chairlift closes in winter so I didn’t use it since I was visiting in early March.

Instead of taking a chairlift, I just walked. But that is quite a climb! Getting to the castle by foot is not easy but do-able! It took me about 20 minutes and I had several stops to admire the view and the cute little houses on the way.


Vianden Castle seen on the way leading up to it

Visiting Vianden Castle

The castle has been renovated many times in history and has been through so many wars and conflicts during the European history dating back hundreds of year from now. However, the castle only got properly renovated in 1990 to be in the current shape.


One of the rooms of the castles

Inside the castle, there are many rooms explaining those developments from the earliest starts of constructions to the 18th and 19th century. It’s interesting to notice how the castle has changed and evolved throughout time.

dinner vianden

Dinner room at the castle

But one thing that didn’t change is its strategic position on the hill. From the castle, the view expands so far away that it’s possible to spot nearby German towns. Right underneath, it’s possible to see the river flowing in between the little town of Vianden, where about 1,500 people live.

Vianden is surely not the place most tourists choose to visit but it’s definitely worth the trip. It’s a very cute little town with an imposing castle over its hills. On top of that, it’s easy access from Luxembourg City so no excuses not to visit!

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