Bordeaux is famous for its wine, rich gastronomy and exceptional architecture. But it is surely not famous for its bad weather. So I was surprised to visit during a storm on a weekend of February. I was a bit unlucky as it was quite unusual to have a red flag alert in the region. It was unfortunate but I still enjoyed as much as I could.

City: Bordeaux, France


On arrival around 6pm on a Friday night, I contact a friend living there to go out for a drink to kick off my Bordeaux city-break. He gladly invited me to join at his place to cook dinner with his friends. I brought galettes, some salmon and chicken jambon. And to top it up, loads of cheese. It was great as I enjoyed the night in just, eating and drinking. As he lived on the last floor of the building, we could hear the rain blasting over the roof.

After catching up for a while, it was time to go back to my hotel at 2.30am. Walking was the only option for me, as I live in London for a while, rain wasn’t an issue. So I just walked the whole way back. By the time I arrive to the hotel, I was all soaked from the rain.

To be honest, I did not expect that much rain. But it’s ok cause I went to sleep right away.

Quartier St Michel during the rainy day!

In the morning, I was starting my visits of the city. I walked around the city centre, seen the many medieval-looking gates and the many bridges of the city, including Pierre Bridge. I walked around Saint-Michel then up to Porte de Bourgogne.

bordeaux storm

Grey sky over Bordeaux

For long distances, I used the Bordeaux Metropole City Pass to get around, courtesy of Bordeaux Tourism. The card is really useful as it includes free entry to many attractions including Musée d’Aquitaine and La Cité du Vin.

Bordeaux gate

I love this medieval gate!

I was told that one of the best attractions in Bordeaux was Le Miroir d’Eau. It’s a sort of fountain. Water on the floor reflects the buildings of La Bourse Square. I was really looking forward to it but unfortunately, there was no water. I was quite disappointment. It was due to the bad weather.


Place de la Bourse

Many other outdoor attractions were closed. So it was perfect to go indoors, I met a friend for lunch near Place Gambetta. We went to Marcel Bistrot, located on Rue des Remparts. I had a rich and juicy entrecôte, topped up with French fries and a special tasty sauce. I was really happy to have proper French food in France as I think that quality is really much higher there.

Continuing our walk, we found a new café boutique called L’Alchimiste where we enjoyed a hot chocolate in a hipstery atmosphere.


When it rains, streets get empty in Bordeaux!

I kept walking around, but when caught by the rain, I went inside Eglise St Croix (Church of the Holy Cross) to see it but also hide for a bit to avoid being soaked up like in the previous night. Being the only person inside, I enjoy the church all for me. I walk slowly, I look at the art and observe the very relaxing and peaceful silence, when suddenly, the organ starts to play. It was loud! But good type of loud, enjoyable sound that really took me away.


Inside Eglise St-Croix

It left me grounded in this church for a while, as I enjoyed it so much. As the only one inside the church, I like to think that it was a special welcome for me? Probably not, but the timing was so right. I left with a memorable souvenir.

That was it for my weekend in Bordeaux. I had high expectation but sadly they were not met due to the stormy weather. But still, I enjoyed other things Bordeaux has to offer in its welcoming house parties, high quality restaurants and peaceful churches.

Have you ever been unlucky with the weather during your travels?