I have just performed the Omrah pilgrimage in Meccah, Saudi Arabia after spending few days in Al Madinah. The Omrah experience was very interesting as well as exceptional and unique! I have never seen such a place and felt such a strong spiritual energy. Now, that I have experienced the pilgrimage. I give you a review of the steps of Umrah in 5 points. Keep reading for more…

1- Before entering the Holy Mosque (Masjid Al Haram)

I have been advised to take a shower before setting off home to make Ihram. Then Ihram takes place in a Meeqat, where the Omrah starts and where I entered the state of Ihram by changing my clothes to two pieces of white towels as there is a restriction not to wear anything sewed! At the same place, I made the Niyah which is the intention to perform the Omrah.

2- At the Holy Mosque

This is one of the most famous step in Omrah that is Tawaf which is 7 rounds around the Kaaba where it is advisable to touch the black stones if possible. I tried but quite impossible as it was so crowded, however, I have touched one of the corners of the Kaaba. During Tawaf, men should leave their right shoulder bare only and cover it afterwards.

3- Proceed to Maqam Ibrahim

Pray 2 Raka’ah as close as possible to Maqam and then drink Zamzam Holy water. I drank as much as I could as advised, pour it over my head and then made my way to Mount Safa.

4- Sai – Safa to Marwa

This is another major step in the pilgrimage where the pilgrims have to walk from Safa to Marwa counting 7 circuits which is 3 return walks and an additional single walk from Safa to Marwa. During this walk, men must hasten their walk but do not run from a point to another in each circuit. This is easily spotted with the green lights as start and end of the zone.

5- Final step: cut/trim the hair

This is the last step of the pilgrimage. It is recommended for men to shave their hair but it’s fine to cut a bit. For women, they have to cut a finger tip from their hair only.


And, it’s over. I felt such a great feeling to experience this for the first time! I deleted touching and seeing Kaaba from my bucketlist. Although, since I’m in Meccah for 6 days I have performed a second Omrah! Unfortunately, I haven’t done any sightseeing as I got sick and the temperatures rise up to 40 degrees! I have to comeback then!