This article should actually be in the “Throwback Thursday” section cause I did go back in time… well, does it count when it’s a time when I was not even born? For someone born in mid-90s getting back to the 80s style was definitely a whole new experience! I have been to Roller Disco in London last friday night and I was definitely thrown back to this period with some great typical atmosphere, nice music and groovy clothes. For £12.50, the entrance to the disco includes the magic pair of rollers and protection for hands. At first I didn’t know how to skate but slowly with the help of the instructors and my friends I was flying on the dance floor by the end of the night!

The fun part of the night was the big and long train all the dancers formed with people smashing on each other and falling apart with lot of laugh! Everyone was amused and excited. Concerning my outfit, I did a little effort by wearing a Vintage jacket printed with brand signs and dollars. I thought I’d never wear this jacket again… and I will probably wear it again when I comeback to this great place.