The “Beast from the East”, that’s what the media calls this unusual week of cold weather in Europe. Yesterday, it snowed a little bit in London while I was at work. I got super excited and right after work, I went on a little walk around Wapping, where I live. It rarely ever snows in London, so it was a special day. I went to bed but on my surprise the next morning, the first snow showers didn’t melt yet. Instead, it tripled in volume! It was a lovely sunny morning with fresh snow all over the place. I was in heaven because I love snow very much! So I decided to walk to work instead of taking public transport. I managed to capture an exceptional view of frozen London!

City: London, England


I love snow very much! Since I moved to London 5 years ago, it snowed few times but never to the level the city is experiencing right now. I rarely write blog posts on an experience that happened the same day but I’m very excited to share my pictures and my awesome day!


London’s The Shard under the snow!

Well, I spent the day at work. But I was always looking outside the window and watching snow flakes. Rapidly, the weather changes for a sunny interval, then cloudy and windy. It was unpredictable. So unpredictable that none of BBC Weather and Foreca, my favourite weather site, forecasted snow for today!


Shadwell Basin under the snow!

To enjoy it to the most, I decided to walk to work. I live in Wapping and I work in Old Street. The walk took me a little bit less than an hour and that includes my several stops to take pictures and contemplate the scenery. Everything was white and the sun’s reflections made it much more brighter! On my walk by the docks in Wapping, I spotted some completely frozen canals. Very nice to see but I was wondering where all the ducks, who usually hang out there, were hiding?


Snow covered bridge in Wapping!

Unlike the ducks, people were getting away with their day as usual. Some brave souls were even running! Others went protesting! Quick story, at my university King’s College and 60 other universities in the UK, lecturers are striking because their pensions are at risk of being reduced by £10,000 per year in retirement. Read about the strikes here. I support these strikes and I wish I was at the march today to express my disappointment and selfishly enjoy the snow! I had bad experiences with my previous university, so I don’t want this to repeat itself with me or any other student or member of staff…

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Back to my morning walk… So, I passed by St Katherine’s Docks. It was unusual seeing boats covered in snow, it was really wonderful to see! Then finally, I arrive to Tower of London and see the Tower Bridge and The Shard. The sun’s reflections on The Shard brought even more light on this bright morning. I was so happy to see London like that!


Wapping’s canals and the snow!

Slowly after passing Tower Gateway Station, I enter the dark streets of the City, shadowed by tall skyscrapers. At this point, I thought I was in New York. I didn’t recognise London at all. Active people walking to their work, busy street, business towers… and snow! Typical Manhattan scene during winter!

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Finally, I arrive to Old Street where I spent the next 8 hours in the office. It was nice sharing the same excitement with some colleagues but the best part was going out for lunch during heavy snow showers! I didn’t look for lunch far away, I sticked to the closest Pret A Manger!


St Katherine’s Docks on the snow!

8 hours later, I’m out. Still excited as ever about snow that I decided to walk halfway home. I took the tube to Tower Hill then continued towards Tower Bridge, St Katherine’s Docks and then Wapping. It was snowing heavily again but the flakes made my pictures so much prettier. At some point, I spot a frozen water fountain. It was unbelievable! I didn’t hesitate to ask a tourist to take me a picture in front of it!


My souvenir picture in frozen London!

I was a tourist in London today. I didn’t recognise the city I lived in for over 5 years. The city was totally covered in snow. People’s reactions are totally priceless. Some are excited (like me!) and others just cannot take it! I actually feel their pain when I almost slide off the pavement… At some point, the snow gets dirty and very slippery, not ideal to have a suitcase or wear heels!


Tower of London covered in snow!

Here I am now. I just got home, put the heater to the max and opened this page to write about my day. It is funny because I spent most of it locked in the office but I still made a great deal out of it! After all, this won’t last long and probably only in 5 years we will have another Beast from the East!

More pictures from London under the snow:

Did you get to experience any snow in your city this year?