It is rare for me to travel outside cities, hence, the name and thematic of my blog. But when I booked my flight to Malaysia, I surely wanted to do something “exotic” rather than stay only in cities of millions of crowds. The choice was simple: Langkawi Island. This touristy island attracts people from around the world looking to swim on turquoise beaches, connect with nature and go back home with a perfect tan.


Arrival to Langkawi Island

I arrived to Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur on a cheap flight with Air Asia. They regularly fly there at least 8 flights per day. I found it very convenient because I chose the perfect time because as soon as I landed in Kuala Lumpur from Amman, I changed for the next flight to Langkawi. I was very tired anyway so I chose to keep travelling so once I rest, it would be on a golden sand beach.


Where I stayed

There is a fair choice of hotels and hostels in Langkawi mostly spread around Cenang Beach, the main touristy area of the island. There are also hotels in Kuah Town and all around the island but those are really isolated somehow. In my case, I stayed at My Hotel in Kuah for my first two nights. Even though I found its service quite basic, I enjoyed how friendly the staff was. I also loved the infinity rooftop pool. Such a stunning view!

Regarding the area, I was feeling a little bit isolated from places of interest but the reason was perhaps that I was travelling solo and staying in a quiet place like Kuah was not best idea, it is also 14km away from Cenang Beach. I then changed for the rest of the nights for a stay nearer to Cenang Beach which is by far the most active place in the island with many restaurants, bars, and cafes. It was perfect place for me to meet people and be near everything.

What I did in Langkawi

I enjoyed Langkawi activities so much. Other than laying on the beach, I went to some cool attractions.


Crocodile farm

This is the biggest crocodile farm in Malaysia. It is an awesome place to discover all about the crocodiles and get close to them, if you dare! I am not a fan of crocodiles but it was still pleasant to walk around the farm, enjoy a lunch at the restaurant and watch several entertainment shows. I did actually get close to some baby crocodiles by feeding them. They look funny when they catch their food.

Warning: Crocodiles are caged and are there for entertainment purposes. If you are strongly against that, it is probably not the best place to visit.


Langkawi Skycable car

This is my favourite thing in Langkawi, it’s the steepest cable car in the world! And I was really enjoying the stunning views from up the high peaks. I also tried both the basic cable car and the VIP one and the difference is that the VIP is partly made of glass including the bottom. So the view is also seen when you look down!

The Skycable car has also a very good attraction, the Sky Bridge which is absolutely amazing! I enjoyed walking by it, back and forth and enjoyed the rays of sun caressing the blue waters of the island, reflecting on the cable cars and lastly… hitting my head! Well, I was feeling tired from all the sun so a lunch break was needed. I had lunch within the complex where the cable car is included on it. They have shops, restaurants and more entertainments, a little bit like an amusement park.


It’s really hard for me to leave the water. It is very refreshing after long scooter drives around the island #naturallylangkawi

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Swim at Black Sand Beach

I never thought how a black a sand beach would look like. Until I went to this one, I was on a scooter ride around the island then me and my friend decided to stop there for a refreshing swim. This beach was perfect as it is away from all crowds as it is a bit remote. Swimming there is a great experience and leaving the water was a really hard task for me! The only bad thing though is that it’s located near a ciment factory which partly ruins the view and it is close by a main road in the island so it’s frequent to hear cars passing by while trying to nap.


The Mangrove Tour

I was on board the Mangrove Tour but I was not sure what to expect at the start. The ticket includes transfer from/to the hotel where I was staying. So the driver came on time and we drove for about 20 minutes to get to Kilim Geopark. The tour is done by boat, so no walking required just on the few stops. The first stop was the Bat Cave where hundreds of bats are aligned in the darkness. The next stops include some island hopping to see eagles and monkeys or simply a long stop to swim. There is also a lunch break at a floating restaurant with nice food!


Relax at Tanjung Rhu Beach

It is near the crocodile farm, so I ended up there after my croco-visit! It is a really nice place to relax and enjoy the calm, fresh and wavy sound of nature. I didn’t enjoy much swimming there as it had many waves that day. Also few crabs on the sand, so I was careful not stepping into one!

Kuah Night Market

This night market is open twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays from around 8pm until 11pm. It is not big but it is a place where many locals come to do their shopping. Because there is another night market by Cenang Beach, the touristy area, tourists are non existent on the Kuah market. So I was happy to be totally mixing up with locals who are very friendly. I noticed that people in the island are not very talkative but they smile a lot!


How I travelled around

Taxis can be found everywhere on the main roads with places of interest. But when it’s only a road and a jungle, good luck finding a taxi! I was getting around using taxis but I was stranded once when I was standing up for 10 minutes waiting but no luck. Until I decided to hitchhike. I was lucky to find on the first attempt a French couple travelling in the island. They gladly picked me up on their rented car and marking my first hitchhiking experience ever!

I assumed that having a car would make it all easier but I don’t have my driver’s licence. So I couldn’t get even a scooter! I met a British guy in the island and so we went for a scooter ride, he was the driver. I find that scooter is really the best way to enjoy the island easily, freely and very cheaply. Our scooter for the day cost 30 RM = less than £6 = 7 euros. It’s a pretty good deal and the fuel for the day costed us like 3 RM = £0.5 = 0.6 euros! That was a bargain!

Thanks to Naturally Langkawi for sponsoring my trip to the island. I appreciate their support but all views on this article are strictly my own!