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Hi, I’m Omar Oualili. I’m a travel addict going around the world and exploring it, one city at a time. I have been to over 130 cities in 55 countries. Welcome to my travel blog! This is where I share my city-break experiences with you through stories, photos and videos. Follow my adventures on social media!


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5 Visa-free Destinations for Moroccans

Every year it's the same story... where can I travel with my green passport? As Moroccans, the choice is quite limited but sometimes we just need some inspiration. Last year I made a list of "Top 5 Visa-Free Countries For Moroccans" due to the success of this article,...

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Memories of Wars – From Sarajevo to Beirut

There are several reasons leading a war to start and it is hard to define the real timeline of events. It is the case in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Lebanon. I personally don't know the whole story and even if I knew, I wouldn't be able to say who is right and...

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5 Things To Do in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is one of the most special cities in Morocco simply because it is all blue, like... all blue! The Old Town is quite small but it has so many things to see and do! I visited last April for 2 nights which were not enough, I could easily stay there over a...

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Casinos and Casinos in Macau

Macau is special administrative region of China. It was an overseas Portuguese territory until 1999. When it became independent, it conserved its portuguese heritage plus its Chinese influences. Lately, it became Sin City of China, the Vegas of the East. Macau is very...

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Beirut – what to do and where to stay

At the end of Spring season there is no better place to be than the Mediterranean. I chose an unusual destination: Beirut. Lebanon has always been high up on my list of countries to visit and I just realised that last week. I met the charming city of Beirut with...

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Discovering Bahá’í Faith in New Delhi

India is an incredible place to discover new cultures. I was lucky to witness celebrations of birth of Lord Krishna in Mumbai. I was really amazed and happy to see that. During my whole trip in India, I learnt about different sects of Hinduism, the practice of Islam...

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