I’m in love with Berlin! It is such a nice city with so many things to do. It is very easy to enjoy it and have fun as people are generally friendly and out going. I think there are many ways to enjoy the city and here’s a little plan to have the perfect day in Berlin based on my preferences and my own experience. It is a fairly light plan but definitely a rich and fun one!

City: Berlin, Germany



10 am: Historical Walk – 2 to 3 hours

Berlin is known for its abundant number of sights and historical landmarks. I love re-discovring them and have a major throwback in history. I suggest to start a walk from Alexanderplatz where the TV Tower is, then walk towards Museum Island which worth a stop for a break by the beautiful gardens. I then walk from there all the way to Brandenburg Gate, the symbolic Berlin landmark.

In between, I suggest a stop at Berlin Story Museum, which is 25% off ticket price when using a Berlin WelcomeCard. It is simply nice as it’s small and has all information about Berlin’s history on a very nice and interactive display.

Then, a must-see on the way is the Holocaust Memorial, but don’t be one of those disrespectful tourists… It’s a memorial for over 6 millions people who died in Europe during the World War. No stupid selfies!

You can further walk to Potsdamer Platz but I don’t find much special there. Then pass the Government buildings towards Checkpoint Charlie. What I did after is take the U-Bahn all the way to the East Side Gallery located at Warschauer Strasse, it is the longest piece of Berlin Wall standing. Worth the trip! For other tips, check my friend Mouna’s blog in French with further things to do in Berlin here.


1.00 pm: Lunch at Imren – up to 1 hour

When I arrived to Berlin, I looked for the best food in town. I use google to find out and I found that Imren serves one of the best doners in Berlin. Given the strong Turkish community in Germany, I was definitely up for it.

I took the U-Bahn all the way to Kreuzberg neighbourhood. But there are actually 3 Turkish restaurants in the same area with the same name… I went to the wrong one the first time, the food was nice. But I knew I was being cheated because they stole the name from the original. I returned to the right “Imren” and it was indeed so much better.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best doner I ever had but probably one of the best I had outside of Turkey but still, a bit disappointed over the claim it is the best kebab in town. However, it is still definitely a cheap and tasty option that I definitely recommend! Just lower a bit your expectations!

Address: Boppstr. 1010967 Berlin, Germany


2 pm: Jewish Museum – up to 2 hours

For the afternoon, I suggest a stop at the Jewish Museum. It is located in Kreuzberg and is definitely a hotspot for architecture lovers and for history lovers. Regarding its architecture, it is an incredible jewel, as it has a very specific design in and outside. Some rooms are very dark though but the historical facts it gives is very interesting. It is mostly concentrated on European Jews and Ashkenazi Jews, which is a shame because there is a strong Sephardic culture that is worth showcasing and has a flourishing history too.

Address: Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin, Germany



5pm: Evening Food Bike Tour – 5 hours

For the evening, I took a fun and amusing bike tour. It is no ordinary bike tour, because it takes place in the evening firstly. And secondly, it is a food tour. So on board of our bikes, the whole group of attendees is taken around some carefully selected restaurants in Berlin.

The first stop is a Lebanese restaurant, it is a bit weird that our first stop is not a German restaurant. But the guide stated that due to the strong Middle-Eastern community in Berlin, this type of food is being integrated more in Germany’s culinary habits.

Then of course, the second stop had to include some typically German food. We stopped at a very cool place in Prenzlauer Berg. It is really my first time trying traditional German food, I liked it. We have been served with some kind of “pizza” which they claimed was a German dish.

Lastly, for a typical Berlin dessert, the tour took us for cake and coffee. I like the tour, it goes quite slow and the guide shares some nice insider tips with the crowd and is very friendly. It is however a long 5 hours tour but it is fun biking in Berlin in the evening between sunset and night. I highly recommend.

More about Fat Tire Tours here.



10pm: KlunkerKranich at Neukölln

If you are looking for a fun thing to do at night, I suggest this rooftop bar in Neukölln. I must say that it is a nice hidden gem as it is on top of a very capitalist shopping center. At the last floor, there is a parking but further up, there’s an alternative bar. KlunkerKranich has an incredible view over the city, it is fun to hang up there, enjoy the music, enjoy a drink and enjoy the Berlin crowd in a relaxed atmosphere.

Address: Neukölln Arcaden, Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin, Germany

circus hostel

In case, you’re looking for a place to stay for the night. I suggest The Circus Hostel. It is very well located in Mitte area in Berlin. Easy access by tram and U-Bahn, with both stations in front of the hostel, very convenient. Rooms are quite nice, and there is a strong attention to details that there’s an answer to all my queries at reception: I ask for a printer, they instantly print my boarding pass. I ask for a safety box, they guard my valuables. I ask for recommendations, they give me some cool insider tips. Overall, I had a great stay!

More about The Circus Hostel here.

Disclaimer: This trip was sponsored by visitBerlin. I appreciate their support, however, all views on this post are strictly my own.