One of the greatest things about travel, is the desire that I get to try exclusive and traditional experiences in the country where I am. For my first trip to Scotland, I took a flight to Edinburgh where I spent a great week-end enjoying the capital and its Scottish treats. But to make my experience even more local, I took a special overnight sleeper train back to London. It was a majestic overnight trip on The Caledonian Sleeper.

City: Edinburgh, Scotland




I was booked on a First Class sleeper, the ticket includes a visit to Virgin First Class Lounge in Edinburgh Waverly Station which is a really cool lounge. I went a bit early so I was in for a relaxing time at the lounge, I took the opportunity to do some work on my laptop, have some snacks and watch TV from some really comfy seats. Once it’s time to board, there’s a announcement in the lounge for all passengers to join the historic Caledonian Sleeper train.

virgin lounge

I was really excited so as soon as boarding was possible, I made my way to the train. I looked for my carriage number and got in. I found my little room with a bed, a small washbasin, clean and fresh bed sheets and blanket. The train felt old but it was part of the experience, it would have been less fun if it was an all high-tech train… The light switch is just as high-tech as it could get in here. I set up the mood with the light, set up the heater and I just sit back and relax.

Caledonian Sleeper

caledonian sleeper room

I discovered that there are some amenities in the room such as toiletries and a face towel. There’s also a magazine produced by the Caledonian Sleeper to have something to read on the long 8 hours trip.

Few minutes after I settle down, a crew member came knocking on my door to check my ticket and ask me what I would like to eat for breakfast and when I want it to be served. She had this strong Scottish accent that I couldn’t get but we communicated well at the end. I ordered Smoked Salmon with scrambled eggs and tea for breakfast and it was being served at 6.30 before arriving to London. I could as well have breakfast served in the lounge but I was too lazy to get up, so why not have it served in bed!



Meanwhile, there’s some time to kill until the next morning so I head to the lounge bar. It is quite small so I was a bit disappointed but it wasn’t busy or crowded so it felt like it’s an appropriate size for the crowd after-all.

Anyway, I check out the menu and found out a varied selection of Scottish Whiskeys to drink and decent dinner options on the menu. Surprisingly, it was cheap and not overpriced at all for dinner in a historic train. But I actually ended up having a banana and a British chocolate snack so I don’t head to bed with an empty stomach.

The small crowd at the bar was enjoying the atmosphere and there were all types of people: tourists, locals who seem to take the Caledonian Sleeper regularly, businessmen, families and also solo travellers like me. I spent about half hour in the lounge before heading back to my room. On the way I stopped at the toilet as these are not in each room but shared among guests of each carriage. Walking along the hall of the train is really fun especially since it moves, I feel like I’m on an adventure.

lounge car

When I got to my room, I brunch my teeth on the washbasin installed in the room and I was ready for bed. I turn off the lights completely and close my eyes. The sounds that the train makes are surprisingly relaxing which is weird because it helped me sleep quickly as soon as I rest my head in bed.

I couldn’t ask for a better, comfy and fast way to get to London from Scotland. Even though it’s a 8 hours ride, it is well spent and it is overnight so no time wasted. I arrived to London very well refreshed and ready to start my day after an iconic Caledonian Sleeper train ride.

Watch below a video from my trip to Edinburgh, ending with a glorious ride on the iconic Caledonian Sleeper:

Disclaimer: I was invited by Caledonian Sleeper to travel from Scotland to London and provide a review on my blog. I appreciate their sponsoring but all views on this post are my own.