Food experiences or foodcations are becoming increasingly popular with travelers – and this trend is not stopping in 2019. It is very easy to squeeze in a food experience in every 2 hours during a city-break. From breakfast to dinner, it is a unique cultural experience to eat food prepared by locals for locals. The cities on this article are known to be the best food cities in the world for many years and even centuries. One thing for sure, they will still be the best in 2019!

Sushis in Tokyo!

Sushi in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has the most Michellin star restaurants than any other city in the world. It is for sure a paradise for food lovers, especially Japanese food lovers. Sushi are simply made out of rice but the fish toppings, the seasoning and sauces surely make up a delicate meal. Sushis can be topped up with traditional Sake. Prices range from few yens to thousands, there is a budget for all! I had a great foodie experience at a sushi restaurant with a local. If you want to experience Tokyo food scene, many food tours are organised by local companies.

Recommended spot: Tsukiji Sushi Say Honten – Price: $$. Address: 4 Chome-13-9 Tsukiji, Chūō-ku, Tōkyō-to 104-0045, Japan

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Photo credits: drburtoni on Flickr.

Pintxos in Bilbao, Spain

Pintxos are very common in Northern Spain especially around the Basque Country. Whilst San Sebastian is definitely the pintxos capital, Bilbao is a still a major food destination in Spain to combine food and sightseeing. Pintxos consist of small pieces of bread with toppings from mixed ingredients. The toppings can range from fish to pork and from olives to eggs. There is something for everyone! Basically, pintxos are found everywhere in the city and there are even specific pintxos routes.

Recommended spot: The best place to start a “pintxos bar crawl” is surely Calle Ledesma but also around Plaza Nueva and many other areas of the Old Town – Price: $.

Man Wah: Cantonese Restaurant

Dim sum in Hong Kong

Dim sum are a traditional Chinese food particularly in the Canton region. They are prepared as a variety of food served in small portions, similar to tapas. Some typical dim sum food include dumplings, rolls and even sweets. The particularity of dim sum is that they are served on a small circular steamer baskets. Hong Kong is well known for its variety of dim sum restaurants, making it an ideal city to discover Cantonese food. 

Recommended spot: Man Wah. Price: $$$$. Address: 25/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong

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The famous Beijing roast duck at Jing Yaa Tang.

Peking Duck in Beijing, China

Peking Duck is a traditional dish from Beijing that has been prepared since the imperial era. It is usually prepared and sliced by the cook in front of people. Apart from its centuries long history, the Peking Duck is also famous for its thin and crispy skin and little meat portion. As the capital of China is the hometown of Peking Duck, it is without any doubt the best place to try it. I had mine at Jing Yaa Tang at The Opposite House Hotel and it was a memorable foodie experience.

Recommended spot: Jing Yaa Tang – Price: $$$$. Address: Building 1 No 11 Sanlitun Road Chaoyang, Sanlitun Road, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China.

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Photo credit: jcraveiro on Flickr.

Bastilla in Fez, Morocco

This is one of my favourite Moroccan dish! Bastilla or pastilla, is a sort of pie with a crunchy exterior and a sweet and savoury filling. It is filled with nuts, chicken and many spices. There is also a fish version which is just as good! In Morocco, it is widely known as the preferred dish to serve in weddings and special occasions but nonetheless it is available in most seated Moroccan restaurants and even in some bakeries.

Recommended spot: Table d’Hotes Dar Bensouda – Price: $$. Address: 14 Zkak El Bghel, Elquettanine, Fez, Morocco

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Photo credit: garofalo.christina on Flickr.

Maqluba in Bethlehem, Palestine

Maqluba is a very popular Middle-Eastern dish that I tried many times but the best I’ve ever had was in Palestine. I’ve tried a vegetarian Maqluba in Bethlehem which created a silence around the table as our group was enjoying it fiercely. The popular chicken Maqluba is also heaven for the taste buds. I tried it, few kilometers away, and few checkpoints away, at the Israeli Bedouin town of Lakia. It was at Houria Palace, which I recommend you to visit for food and for the Bedouin experience!

Recommended spot: Many restaurants around Manger Square serve Palestinian specialities including Maqluba. Price: $$.

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Cevapi tastes amazingly good! This was in Sarajevo!

Cevapi in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I’ve had my first cevapi in Sarajevo. Since then, I’ve travelled the Balkans and tried this dish in many other Yugoslav states but that first cevapi was the best! Cevapi consists of small pieces or balls of minced beef, bread, onions and cheese. Simple but tasteful!

Recommended spot: Ćevabdžinica Željo – Price: $. Address: Kundurdžiluk 19, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Photo credits: mekiaries on Flickr.

Doner Kebab in Berlin, Germany

Strangely, Berlin is more famous for doner kebabs than for German cuisine. Thanks to the large Turkish community in Berlin, doner kebabs are a local dish. Many kebab shops claim to be the best but it is about luck. The long search for the best doner kebab might be a long one as there is a kebab shop in every corner of the city. However, it won’t be a costly one as on average it costs 5 euros.

Recommended spot: Imren – Price: $. Address: Boppstr. 10, 10967 Berlin, Germany

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Wiener Schnitzel served at Figlmüller for over 100 years now!

Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna, Austria

Schnitzels originate from Austria and is made of thin, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet. As the national dish of Austria, it can be found pretty much everywhere. In Vienna specifically, there is the Wiener Schnitzel which is typical from the city. Other variations include chicken and pork schnitzel.

Recommended spot: Figlmüller Wollzeile – Price: $$. Address: Wollzeile 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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Photo credits: hepp in Flickr.

Pizza in Naples, Italy

Naples’s biggest asset is surely its best pizza and best coffee! Between UNESCO world heritage sites and art museums, many restaurants in between offer the best of Italy’s culinary. The margherita pizza is a must eat, but be sure you fold it into four and wonder how good this is!

Recommended spot: Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo – Price: $. Address: Via dei Tribunali, 32, 80138 Naples, Italy

Featured photo credits: bpc009 on Flickr.