Last week during my visit to World Travel Market in Excel, London I was going back and forth to the venue passing by Canary Wharf skyscrapers. As an urban traveller, I love high towers and constructions and I’m a big fan of nice views. I can say that Canary Wharf is pretty area of the city to contemplate anytime of the day and from different spots. Here are some of my favourites and I really think they are also some of the best!

river boat canary wharf

From a boat

Cruise ships run around the Thames between Putney and Greenwhich via Canary Wharf. So sitting on a boat and enjoying the view is not a bad idea at all. I know it’s such a touristy thing to do but some locals use those river boats to go to work. Think about those bankers living in Chelsea and working at HSBC. I did enjoy this view a couple of times I took the river boat.

From Stave Hill

This is a spot not so many people know about… It’s really MY secret spot. Stave Hill is located near Canada Water and is actually an artificial hill at the middle of an ecological park. My favorite way to get there is by walk all the way from London Bridge, it takes about 1h30min. I absolutely recommend it. I just follow the Thames Walk, I get lost sometimes but it’s a nice area where I’m lost at least! The best reward is the nice view over Canary Wharf but also over a part of London’s skyline. The other way to get there is by tube all the way to Canada Water Station, then just 5-7 minutes walk to the hill.


From the DLR

The DLR is definitely one of my favourite ways of transport in London as it goes on open air and the views are spectacular sometimes. I just love it when I reach Heron Quays Station as what follows is an impressive view over the Middle Dock. Few stations away, the towers of Canary Wharf have another perspective. Somehow very near but yet a bit far.

From the Emirates Air Line

After a boat escape to the DLR’s ride, I suggest now to hit the sky. The Emirates Air Line is London’s only cable car. It’s possible to board and alight from North Greenwhich or Royal Victoria. I really love the view from there, I did it a couple of times and I would definitely do it again. Although, I wish the cable car was slower to enjoy it more. I also wish it was part of the Oyster weekly or monthly plans to go as many times as I want. But it requires an extra top up on the Oyster.

olympian way

From the Olympian Way

This is a long walk along Greenwhich with nice views over Canary Wharf. I found a good spot which is very calm, quiet and ironically located right behind the entertainment centre of the O2 Arena where all major concerts take place. My favourite spot is Meridian Gardens directly behind the O2 on the river. It’s located face to face with Canary Wharf. I was walking there recently at night with my camera but I didn’t manage to take good pictures. Suddenly I saw a man who had a rather professional camera, I asked him if I can use his skills to show me how to capture good pictures at night. I gave him my details and he kindly sent me a couple of pictures I am using on this article so thanks David!