For us, Moroccan travellers, comes every year the question: where can I travel without visa? Green passports are well known to be the least welcome in most countries and there are several geo-political reasons for that. But other countries welcome us without any visa or restrictions on arrival. I have visited the first one on this Top 5…


1- Brazil

The host country of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics has always been the favourite place to go for tourists around the world. And we are lucky to get there without visa. The country of the Samba, caipirinha and the golden sandy beaches is definitely worth checking out. At the beginning of this year I have visit Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and I felt in love with it… The best times to visit are surely during the Carnival of Rio in February!


2- Senegal

Not only entry is without visa for Moroccans but you get to be considered as their brothers there due to the very good relations between both countries. I have never been to Senegal but it is definitely on my list to visit in Africa. I have heard that their beaches are amazing, their local culture is very rich and their hospitality is incomparable elsewhere in West Africa. Moreover, The Gambia is another small country inside Senegal that is visa free so you could combine both countries in one trip!


3- South Korea

Asia is in the Top 5! South Korea is one of the trendiest countries in the continent with a mix of the local and Western culture. It is the country of the phenomenal K-Pop. A trip to South Korea from Morocco would probably cost a lot with the flight tickets so why not have a stopover in Jakarta, Indonesia which is visa-free too to reduce a bit the costs but also discover a new place!


4- Turkey

Enough of visa restrictions to get to Europe? Visit Turkey! It is the most European country without visa for Moroccans. In fact, they have applied to get into the EU. I have visited Istanbul once when I was younger and I remember that I always want to go back. But not only, Turkey is very rich with its nature, countryside, culture and beautiful cities other than its big metropolis, Istanbul. A must see!


5- Dominica

An island maybe? Dominica is one of the island nations of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. The best time to visit is definitely for its carnival in February! It has been named the most original carnival in the Caribbean. So it is without any doubt the most festive season in Dominica to enjoy without hassles of applying for a visa. Definitely on my list now!

DISCLAIMER: Please check accurate information again with an embassy or consulate near you before travelling. My list is NOT regularly updated and CANNOT be a reliable source of information but just a list to inspire and lead to further research. Last update: 03 June 2015.

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