I feel like a jet setter starting my article title that way but it’s true: I was on a yacht in Barcelona. I slept and woke up there as it was my accommodation. My friend has told me: let’s stay in a boat and I was like, why not! It was my second time in Barcelona and I absolutely enjoyed it, however, I don’t think I’ll ever go back during the high season.

City: Barcelona, Spain



The first time I visited Barcelona was back in 2011. I was barely 17 and I remember sneaking into some clubs without I.D., it was fun. But this time it was much more fun as I’m 21- also young, wild and free. My trick into not paying any single entry to clubs is to use a guest list that anybody can sign up to. There is a famous guest list called “Shaz guest list“, the secret is to sign up for events on Facebook or on their website to get into clubs for free (or very cheap).


Once I got into the clubs, I didn’t find them that fun actually. It was full of tourists who are wilder than me in a bad way, so I didn’t feel comfortable. Me and my friends were hopping from a club to another trying to find a good place to settle for the rest of the night. But there wasn’t a better place than our yacht.


Speakers were on with our favourite music until 4am- I must say we almost got into trouble for music being a bit loud. Our yacht was our party spot and the slow movements of the Mediterranean Sea kept us moving until we sleep and gently wakes us up in the morning with rays of sun.


We were mainly staying in the Port Olympic. But I decided to organise a quick day of visits. Since, I’ve been to Barcelona before I didn’t really bother doing anything new so I’ve seen the exact same things.


The starting point was Liceu Market right off Las Ramblas where we had a deliciously but ridiculously expensive sea food lunch. It was great but so pricy for its tiny portions. I felt robbed, I also felt like a stupid tourist. But it’s okay, lesson learnt.

The second stop was Sagrada Familia, the famous church by Catalan architect Gaudi, still under construction. I don’t think it’s anything too special from outside but people seem to love it. But I must admit it has quite a nice posture in the skyline of Barcelona. Talking about skyline, I went up to Park Guel on a little hike to have a great view over the city and enjoy the park. And there where I notice the excessive use of Catalan flag rather than the Spanish one. I almost felt in another country that is definitely not Spain.


The last stop for that day of visits was the fountains of the Mount Juic near Placa de Espana. Very nice and refreshing place to sit, walk and enjoy the Mediterranean weather. The rest of the days I enjoy life on the boat, the beach and the sun.

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