I just came back from Natacha Atlas’s very intimate concert at Elgar Room of the Royal Albert Hall and I had such a great time that I need to share as soon as possible! This is the second event from Nour Festival that I attend, after my Moroccan themed night ‘Dardasha’ at Leighton House. Natacha Atlas is a singer that I’ve known since I was a kid, her song “Mon Amie La Rose” was such a big success in my country Morocco and everywhere else! For this reason, I decided to get my tickets, come see her live and discover more…


The concert was sold-out and I was quite lucky to buy my tickets early. Natacha sang her greatest hits but I was so looking forward to hear “Mon Amie La Rose” which was excellent. At the break, I asked her to take a picture but kindly said it was planned for later. Few more songs after a 10 minutes break, we could see some belly dancing on stage that made the crowd on fire! She sang some songs in English, one in French and the rest in Arabic. The band was amazing although it could have been slightly better with a louder sound. One song that I really liked (and discovered) is “Hayati Inta”. At the end of the concert, I ask Natacha Atlas for another picture that she agreed to take and later she signed some albums and took time to Meet and Greet her fans. And to make my night more Arabian, I’ve had a delicious Lebanese dinner at Comptoir Libanais in South Kensington.

Overall, me and my friends were amazed by Natacha’s voice and the mix between Middle-Eastern and Western musics in one stage! I got my picture as a souvenir, years ago, I’d never think that one day I will see that singer live but it happened as everything happens in London and what happens in London… Stays in my blog!

Sooner or later, I'll be in a city near you! ;)