Hi, I’m Omar Oualili. I guess you are here because you must love travel. So do I! I’m a travel addict going around the world and exploring it, one city at a time. I have been to over 85 cities in 43 countries.

Welcome to my travel blog! This is where I share my experiences with you through stories, photos and videos.

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I’m a city lover! I love being in a city, feel its vibes through its buildings and its people. I grew up in a big city myself. I am from Casablanca, Morocco where I lived until I turned 18 to only move to a much bigger city. I live in London for over 4 years now.

I’m 23 years old. I currently work in ad-tech. I studied Accounting and Finance, did a Bachelor, followed by a Masters and in between, I travel the world. Whether it’s for 2 weeks vacation or for 2 nights city-break. I seize every opportunity to travel!

kotor bay

Breathing fresh air in Kotor, Montenegro

I leave my footprint on this blog and I love doing that. I do not blog full-time since I’m studying but I try to keep it going as I can afford it with time and money. I have had an incredible experience maintaining this blog and writing about important travel stories and experiences that I will never forget! It has also been rewarding since I won award of “Best Under-25 Blogger” with Turkey Tourism and been shortlisted Top 10 Travel Blog at the UK Blog Awards 2014. This blog opened many opportunities as well such as finding jobs easily, featuring on international press and teaching workshops about blogging. One of my highest achievement was speaking at TEDx event in Morocco.

Where I have been?

I have been to 43 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas where I visited over 85 cities. There is a list of all countries I visited on the right sidebar of my blog. But you must know that I do not choose destinations, I let them choose me. I’m not picky at all when it comes to travel, I can go anywhere and everywhere.


Behind me are some of the oldest wines in Europe. In Bremen, Germany.

What is my favourite country?

It’s the question I can’t answer. Simply because I love everywhere I have been to! But I have a list of cities that I loved before even visiting. However, I can tell a top 10 of favourite places: Serbia, Brazil, Lebanon, Morocco, Italy, Russia, Hong Kong, Bosnia, Albania and India.

How can I afford to travel the world?

This question comes back often. The answer is that I travel smart. Here are some smart tips to travel cheap and experience rich experiences! I also don’t save any money, whatever goes in my work salary goes straight to buy flights… I guess it’s not really ideal but this is how I live for now.

Discovering Tirana, Albania

Discovering Tirana, Albania

Do I travel with a Moroccan passport?

People always ask me this question. Do I hold dual nationality? The answer is no. I travel with my lovely green Moroccan passport and I’m proud of it. It’s true there are lot of visa restrictions but I so far been very lucky to never have a refusal. Fingers crossed it stays this way! There are also many visa-free countries for Moroccans which some of them I visited.