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Hi, I’m Omar Oualili. I’m a travel addict going around the world and exploring it, one city at a time. I have been to over 100 cities in 52 countries. Welcome to my travel blog! This is where I share my city-break experiences with you through stories, photos and videos.


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People and the City: Photos from the Balkans

I start this new series of blog posts dedicated to a big component of every city around the world: its people. I will share photos and small descriptions of strangers I met or observed in their daily life during my travels. I am starting from the Balkans, where people...

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Casino de Monte-Carlo: A Jewel in Monaco

What is Monaco without its Casino de Monte-Carlo? It's hard to imagine. The casino has been an integral part of the country and a legendary temple for gaming and gambling for centuries. I was lucky to visit recently and see a glimpse of the principality's lifestyle...

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Is it ok to visit Israel?

I have visited Israel back in April 2018. Some people have claimed that I support the Israeli government and that it is immoral to go there due to the on-going occupation of Palestinian Territories. This blog post is a reply to such accusations. In reality, do I...

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I Spent Two Hours in Gibraltar: Was It Enough?

I heard so much about Gibraltar in the past that I was so intrigued to visit this place! I was never sure whether it's the United Kingdom or a country on its own. To be honest, I am still confused. Anyway, I flew to Malaga to meet my family who was driving from...

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6 Locations Every Friends Fan Should Visit

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am a huge Friends fan! I was born the same year as the show started in 1994 so I can say that I grew up with the show. However, my first encounters with the show were when I was 12 years old. Since then, I catch an...

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Top 19 City Squares Around the World

Every city has a heart and usually it is beating around its squares filled with people, life and unique characters. City squares are regarded as major landmarks in all world cities as they particularly hold a strong history, an imposing architecture and/or an...

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What to Pack for a Trip to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is well-known as a place for Islamic Pilgrimage. In fact, most tourists visiting the kingdom are actually pilgrims. When I went on my pilgrimage trip, I was hesitant on what I needed to pack for Saudi Arabia. Other than the extreme climate, I had to keep...

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