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Jewish Berlin: Past, Present and Future

"Stolpersteine," or stumbling stones, are present under your feet everywhere you go in Berlin. These golden small palm-sized stones bear the names of those murdered by the Nazis. It reminds me as I walk around Berlin of the dark past of World War II, marking one of...

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How to Combine Como and Lugano in One Trip

There's a border between Italy and Switzerland. Although it's an open border, there are many contrasts between both countries. Even at the closest points like Como and Lugano, it's very clear that one is Italian and the other is Swiss. However, the most common...

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How to Get Lebanon Visa on Arrival (VoA)

Lebanon offers visa on arrival to many countries. It is bit of grey area on who can visit and get a visa on arrival. Some people try to avoid visas on arrival but I personally like them. They are delivered instantly and there's no stress of having thousands...

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The Presidential Palace That’s Open for All

I like to get surprised on my trips by discovering things that cannot be found elsewhere. I visited Vilnius for few days. I might have been unlucky with the weather just like my visit to Bordeaux, recently. But I was really fortunate to visit some interesting sights...

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Is Jordan’s Visa Policy Discriminatory to Women?

When I wanted to visit Jordan during a one day layover, I had to check the visa policy. As usual, I go on Jordan's embassy website and check. The list starts from Afghanistan, Algeria, Albania... it's in alphabetical order. The answer to "Do you need a visa?" is...

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Travelling the World with a Moroccan Passport

I've been asked many times if I hold dual nationality. The answer is no. I only have a Moroccan passport, which I am really proud of. However, visa-free countries for Moroccans are quite limited. Morocco ranks 72 worldwide for passport power with barely 58 countries...

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Smart Tips to Travel Cheap

I've been asked many times how do I finance my trips. Before I show you the 2 cents on my bank account, let me tell you first how do I manage to find the best deals to travel to the most beautiful destinations that you see on my blog. Be very flexible! First rule: be...

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Top 5 Visa-free Countries for Moroccans

For us, Moroccan travellers, comes every year the question: where can I travel without visa? Green passports are well known to be the least welcome in most countries and there are several geo-political reasons for that. But other countries welcome us without any visa...

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