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Hi, I’m Omar Oualili. I’m a travel addict going around the world and exploring it, one city at a time. I have been to over 100 cities in 46 countries. Welcome to my travel blog! This is where I share my city-break experiences with you through stories, photos and videos.


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How to Enjoy The Ball Season in Vienna

Vienna is famous for its yearly ball season taking place in January and February. These balls are usually associated with elitist and celebrity exclusive events but it's not true! Around 400 balls take place in the Austrian capital during the season following Ash...

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A Photo Journey Through Reykjavik Under The Snow

Visiting Reykjavik in winter is a great idea as chances of seeing the city under the snow are quite high. I was lucky to have 2 full days of snow during my stay. It was not very convenient when I visited the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon but in Reykjavik, it's...

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Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon on Reykjavik City Break

Iceland's popularity grew up dramatically in the past few years but I only got the chance to visit recently. The land of fire and ice is absolutely stunning and definitely needs time exploring! Whilst many stay there for over a week, many others choose to stick with a...

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Best 18 Cities to Visit in 2018

Every year, the trends in the travel industry make some regions and countries more popular than others. In the city-breaks segment, there are some cities that stand out by their attraction to urban travellers. In this blog post, I will combine my personal views and...

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What to Pack for a Trip to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is well-known as a place for Islamic Pilgrimage. In fact, most tourists visiting the kingdom are actually pilgrims. When I went on my pilgrimage trip, I was hesitant on what I needed to pack for Saudi Arabia. Other than the extreme climate, I had to keep...

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