On a sunday, just as a typical Austrian would do… I’ve been climbing with a nice group of Viennese people!


It was my first experience ever and it was great. We drove from the 13th Dirstrict towards a village just at the borders of the city, it takes about 15 minutes to get there from Vienna. The place where we were climbing is a forest where we found a rock to climb full of climbers ready for some adventure.

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As it was my first time, I was really worrying about security and how it works. After everything was explained to me, I felt like I should have a try! I’ve climbed for the very first time with a bit of stress and a lot of directions coming from my friends at the bottom of the rock. Slowly (but I’ve been told I was quick!) I reached the top where I enjoyed an amazing view for a moment. When it was time to get down, it got a bit complicated but then it went very smoothly after some confidence. Finally, I’ve tried the experience on another route which was a bit complicated at the middle. I was stuck but finally got over it with some help. This was my sunday in Vienna, it was sad to leave as I have some good feelings about the city. An emotional goodbye but then, I’m in Budapest! More pictures of the climbing day after the jump!

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