After few days in Budapest, I finally left Hungary for another country I wanted to visit so much since my last time there in 2010. This time I land in Milan after a flight of 1h30min from the Hungarian capital. My week was great in the cities that I call “Stars of the Danube”: Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. Now, I will spend one more week in Italy to explore more of it!

On my first (and only) day in Milan, I visited several places in the city exploring the main attractions. I’ve seen the Duomo, The Castle, the main shopping streets and I walked around the canal.

After landing and a first quiet night indoor, I took off in the morning to the heart of the city to see the main attractions such as the Duomo, a huge cathedral a symbol for Milan. The access into the cathedral is free in a limited space whereas access to the top by stairs costs 7 euros. The view from the top is amazing as we are really on the roof of it very different from an inside view from a window! This direct access to the city and its surroundings is great, the view goes beyond Milan. Later, I’ve walked to the Castello passing by Milan’s unlimited shopping streets! The castle is nothing special in my opinion, not really worth stopping by and to avoid in the heat!


After the castle, I’ve been to Cimetaro Monumentale a very special cemetery with its beautiful graves from the 18th century. Later that day, I met a couchsurfer travelling around Europe by hitchhiking. We’ve been walking around from San Babila to Garibaldi without any clues where we were going. It is interesting to walk into a special place so randomly but this didn’t really happen… we ended up in the castle again! After that, we have been to Porta Genova in the south of Milan, a nice place to walk around until we have reached the canal. The same evening, I’ve been with Flavio an Italian couchsurfer to discover this place by scooter this time à la Milanese! The evening was quiet and just great, Italians seem to enjoy this vibrant area around the canal.


Today and right now I’m writing from Milano Central Station waiting for my train to the city of the lagoon: Venezia!