RIMAfter few hours sleep, I woke up in Venice at 5am ready to explore more of Italy but definitely not happy about leaving Venice so soon! My next stop is Rimini, the train departs at 6.27am and arrives after 3 hours journey.

Rimini is a beach resort on the Adriatic Coast this city is famous for its vibrant nightlife in summer. All around the region, there are several medieval villages and places of interest.

I arrive in Rimini Central Station at 9.13am, I slept during the whole journey setting up 3 alarms to avoid over sleeping and ending up in far south Italy on the train… Finally, all went well and I run out of the train to meet Clarissa an active CouchSurfer in the city. She directly showed me around Rimini, we walked from the station to Downtown Rimini where various shops are located as well as some historical buildings.


Later that day, she has taken me to the beach where we could really enjoy a good bath in a great wavy and blueish water! We spent around 4 hours at the beach and took off back home.

For the evening, we decided to spend it in another country: San Marino. The 20th country I visit and the 5th from this 2 weeks trip. I have been to San Marino the next day too so a detailed article about it will follow.