Having travelled to many cities in the Middle East, Tel Aviv was left on my bucket list. I wanted to visit for so many reasons but the timing was finally right. It’s a fun city, full of young people and full of great things to do, for the most time, free. In reality, it feels like a bubble inside Israel. It is very detached of the reality of the conflict and detached from the country’s neo-fascist politicians. Instead, Tel Aviv is where people mix and where everybody feels welcome.

City: Tel Aviv, Israel



Clear skies and clear water!

1- Enjoy a swim by the beach

From Givat Alia Beach in the South to Tel Baruch Beach in the North, there is a large selection of city beaches to choose from. The most popular (also crowded) ones are adjacent to the city center. The water is clear and clean, there are life-guards monitoring and many restaurants and bars to entertain. Although the most entertaining part would be observing locals, from their perfectly sculpted bodies to their companions, the dogs! I think I have never seen so many dogs in my life, the city is very dog-friendly!


Can I take this car with me? Seen in Jaffa!

2- Take a walk in Jaffa

Jaffa is known as the Arab city next to Tel Aviv but in reality, they are very mixed in terms of geography and people. It’s a really nice area to walk around it, don’t miss the seafront with a view over the city’s skyline. Make sure you have a walk by Jaffa’s Flea Market and walk in the narrow streets of the Old City.

tel aviv

Lovely house in Neve Tzedek

3- Visit the Old Train Station and Neve Tzedek

The Old Train Station, HaTachana, is a historic site dating from the Ottoman era when it was built in 1892. The complex now include fashion boutiques, designer shops and restaurants. Regularly, there are some free performances from artists. From there, it’s possible to join the little streets of Neve Tzedek, which is the first neighborhood built outside of Jaffa. In the same spirit as the Old Train Station, it is filled with designer shops, upscale restaurants and art galleries.

tel aviv

An unusual coffee shop in Carmel Market.

4- Stroll around Carmel Market

Carmel Market is a essentially a fruit and vegetables market but the range of products being sold there goes beyond the imagination. I actually saw some Moroccan products imported there! It is full of colours, smells and sounds. Definitely a must-do in Tel Aviv!


Archeological Park in Jaffa

5- Enjoy the green spaces

From Jaffa’s archaeological park to North Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park, there are many opportunities to sit down and chill. There is no shortage of green spaces in the city and many parks offer the possibility to have a BBQ. I saw people enjoying BBQs at night time in Charles Clore Park with views over the Mediterranean Coast!

Do you have any suggestions on free things to do in Tel Aviv?