Every year it’s the same story… where can I travel with my green passport? As Moroccans, the choice is quite limited but sometimes we just need some inspiration. Last year I made a list of “Top 5 Visa-Free Countries For Moroccans” due to the success of this article, I add 5 other countries to this list! Check it out!

1- Malaysia

I was so close to book my ticket to Malaysia last summer but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Since then, I think that I should work my way to Asia with a long stop by Kuala Lumpur and its surroundings. Malaysia is visa-free to citizens of Morocco. But guess what, Malaysians need a visa to enter Morocco. I think it’s unfair though!


2- Hong Kong

I’ve been there last year for a week where I had a fantastic stay. Hong Kong is not really a country but it’s not really part of China either. Since it has it’s own immigration system, visa is free for so many nationalities including Moroccans. I recommend few things to see and do there.


3- Ecuador

This South American country welcomes Moroccans visa-free! It’s capital city Quito has so many things to offer to its visitors as well as outside the city where National Parks have some exclusive features! Houda from Moroccan Nomad Blog visited Quito and has some great stories to share here with amazing pictures here.


4- Cote d’Ivoire

Fellow Moroccan traveller, Othmane from Voyages à Pied would definitely confirm that Ivory Coast is visa-free for Moroccans. He is currently there and his pictures inspire me to visit this West African country. Cote d’Ivoire is well-known for amazing beaches and a tropical climate.


5- Indonesia

The country is without visa for Moroccans. I’ve never been there either but I know that some Indonesian islands are like paradise and the people are so friendly and welcoming. I’ve received probably hundreds of invitation from all Indonesians I met. So nice! For my own inspiration, I read this article in French: Casablanca – Bali: quel budget pour 15 jours? by Zouhair from Wander Hacks.

DISCLAIMER: Please check accurate information again with an embassy or consulate near you before travelling. My list is NOT regularly updated and CANNOT be a reliable source of information but just a list to inspire and lead to further research. Last update: 20 July 2015.