I visited York for 36 hours only but I still had the opportunity to do so many things. One of my highlights was the National Railway Museum which is also the biggest railway museum in the world. The collection of trains and any tiny thing related to trains is well exhibited and found there. Read more for details!


York Pass is an excellent way to discover attractions in York. This magic pass includes a free one-way train ride from the Minster Area to the National Railway Museum (NRM). It operates quite frequently and the ride is just under 7 minutes.


The entrance to the museum is free but when I arrived I had to queue for 10 minutes as this attraction is quite popular and there is also a passage by the cashier to make a donation if you wish.


Once inside, I was quickly immersed in another universe. I was in a huge hall with dozen of trains, it did look like an old train station. In fact, this area is called Station Hall and includes a collection of Royal Carriages even Queen Victoria’s favourite is there: ‘Palace on Wheels’. I also spot some exclusive carriages like Queen Adelaide’s saloon, the oldest preserved carriage in Europe.


Some carriages are very beautiful and this is actually the part of the museum where I spent most time. I was just walking around very slowly, seeing what used to be British finest royal trains. At the middle of the Station Hall, there is a restaurant. It is brilliant how well designed it is to fit the setting. I loved it! However, the choice of things to eat is not so diverse.


The NRM is also host of the world’s fastest steam locomotive: the Mallard. It is somehow fun looking for specific trains I had in mind like the Mallard but I actually never came across it or maybe I didn’t notice. But instead, I ran into another train I was really looking forward to see: the Japanese bullet train!


This NRM’s Shinkansen is the only Japan’s high speed bullet train located outside of Japan. Quite an exclusive thing! It is also possible to get on board this train, so I did! The experience is quite nice, a part of Japan at the middle of Yorkshire… Only at the National Railway Museum!


Moving on to other trains, I found myself a bit lost in this big museum. Suddenly I get closer to a collection of smaller objects in relation to rail, this part of the museum is the Warehouse. I quickly walk around it and then get to a balcony where it is possible to observe trains departing from nearby York Station. It’s not a bad show seeing Virgin Trains linking the East Coast.


There is so much to see and so many things to learn. I definitely think that the National Railway Museum is a must see in York.

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