First time in South America, first time in Brazil and first time in São Paulo. Coming here is definitely a whole new experience that is so much different from my previous trips. I’m now in the first business hub of Brazil and one of the biggest cities in the world: São Paulo. My first day was really nice, I met locals and had a walk in the centre of the city around Avenida Paulista, the heart of the metropolis.

After a 10 hours flight from Casablanca, I arrive on the wings of Royal Air Maroc to São Paulo. The flight was very interesting as we passed through some zones of turbulences across West Africa, once or twice in the ocean and another time above Rio where I was able to see the lights striking the city. I read the news, the famous Christ Statue lost its thumb due to this bad weather. The weather is quite tropical in here even though, it’s summer and I like it!


On arrival at the airport, my friend Romy-the one who travelled to Warsaw with me- was waiting there with her husband. They are my hosts in São Paulo these days. The effect of the flight was really tiring, I took a very fresh orange juice at the airport and I tried for the first time a Pão de Queijo which simply is a bread with cheese, delicious! The next morning, I started my discovery. My hosts have taken me to a barbecue party which is a weekly appointment for all Brazilians… week-end, nice weather, meat, a lot of meat and eat all day. Simple as that.

The property where this BBQ takes place is outside São Paulo, in a mountain. The hosts of the party were very friendly and welcoming even though they did not speak English and I do not speak Portuguese. The mountain is very tropical, I felt like I was in the Amazon. The property where this party was held is very typical and is a very familial environment, I had a very nice guided tour of the whole house and its surroundings. It was really awesome to feel that much welcome in a stranger’s place. They actually even had a chapel in there which was my favourite part of the tour as it felt very special to see a very personal chapel.


The food was all around meat, salad and drinks. All afternoon meat was served to all guests, I did not have a proper lunch as I ate a very filling Pão de Quiejo before but I tried everything. I like it how spontaneous, sociable and happy are the Brazilians. Before heading back to Paulista, the heart of the city, I left the party hugging the hosts and with nice words “Bem-vindo ao Brasil” (Welcome to Brazil).