Visiting Reykjavik in winter is a great idea as chances of seeing the city under the snow are quite high. I was lucky to have 2 full days of snow during my stay. It was not very convenient when I visited the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon but in Reykjavik, it’s more enjoyable. On this photo journey, I will take you around Reykjavik from the ground by the small streets hosting cute colourful houses to the top of Hallgrímskirkja, a 74 meters high church.

City: Reykjavik, Iceland

How is the weather in Reykjavik in winter?

To start with, Reykjavik has a reasonably stable temperatures in winter as they average -2 degrees Celcius (28 F). It doesn’t really experience any extreme cold weather, -10 degrees is very rare! However, the weather is quite unpredictable in terms of precipitations as it can rain, clear up and snow in one day. So go prepared for all seasons in one day. I was lucky to find snow during my visit in January as it made it all so much better!

Reykjavik houses under the snow

Reykjavik has some pretty colourful houses, they look prettier with the Christmas lights and the snow on top of them.

Reykjavik city centre under the snow

Walking around the city centre of Reykjavik under the snow is a nice experience too but expect less snow there as it clears up quickly due to crowds of people walking and big numbers of cars passing. The pond near Reykjavik City Hall looks frozen but the swans and ducks still find a place to chill and a human friend to bring food!

Snowy Reykjavik from Hallgrímskirkja

It’s possible to get to the top of Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland’s largest church. It’s 74 meters high so the views from the top are amazing! It costs 1000 ISK (10 euros) to access the last floor. There is a lift so it’s easier than walking 8 floors by stairs.

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