Last year, I took a train crossing Øresund Bridge from Sweden to another country: Denmark. The Danish Capital is surprinsigly close to its neighbour city Malmö by the Swedish side. And because both countries are part of the Schengen Area I did not have any problems crossing the borders however Copenhagen felt different than Malmö in so many ways! Read more…

Copenhagen known as the capital of Denmark and this year’s host of Eurovision 2014 is a city I officially put of my list of cities I want to live in. The time I was there was not the best weather, even in April, but the atmosphere of the city is just amazing. I remember from the first moment I stepped out of the Central train station, I just saw hundreds of bikes parked and I noticed the very Scandinavian but more hippie and trendy lifestyle of the Danish people. I was also surprised that public buses had wifi around the city and that everyone had a very decent level of fluency in English, so I had no problems during my visits when I got lost.


My first stop was Tivoli Gardens that I admired from outside. It is one of the most famous attraction in the city as it an amusement park located in the centre of the capital. Walking around is very enjoyable, I have seen some interesting graffitis and some modern art and urban settings in the streets. I end up at some point in an art gallery that was actually a church from outside but the inside is totally dedicated to modern art, at the entrance I could read: “I’m only in it for the art” which was totally true!

What I did enjoy again was walking the canals trying to find the famous spot of Nyhavn. I got randomly lost around alongside my sister who actually gave up the search until I found it alone by myself. When I first arrived to Nyhavn, I saw some very interesting boats and I felt like my trip to Copenhagen was really happening as it was the only place I knew before going there. The colourful buildings are just stunning. And I also noticed the presence of Scandinavian flags quite frequently around which was really a proof of the geo-political peace in the region, I was actually jealous they get along with each other not like the countries of the Maghreb… (we could become just as united as Scandinavia, guys!)


The next day all by surprise, I discovered the David Collection a museum that is dedicated to Islamic art. It has such a great and diverse collection from Persia to the Middle-East and also North Africa, even Turkey and Andalucia. It was a very interesting building located in a quite posh area of Copenhagen. Actually, there is the feeling that there is no dodgy neighbourhood in this city… all streets I walked in are clean and very classy!


On the same day, I have been on a cruise all along the canals of the city. The highlights were the Opera House, the twisted Chruch of Our Saviour and most importantly The Little Mermaid. She is the symbol of the city and attracts millions of tourists queuing and wetting their shoes to get to sea and snap a picture. Of course, I was one of them! It was nice meeting this statue as I did not hear about her before until I just ran into her… I have also been to the Royal Palace and the fabulous Royal Library.


My Danish city-break was short but at least I have seen the main sights of the city  however I haven’t been to the trendiest and craziest place of the city which is Christiania. This place is meant to be a liberal zone where everything is permitted… But anyway I got to discover the city where I want to live at least a few months of my life, it’s on my things to do before I die now!