Eleven cities in the biggest country in the world will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Russia is known for its rich culture, artistic charm and astonishing diversity. Therefore, every host city is distinct from the other with a typical touch and will certainly offer an experience to remember for fans around the world! Here are some highlights from every 2018 World Cup host city in Russia.


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Ekaterinburg – a window overlooking Asia

The heart of the Ural Mountains, Ekaterinburg, is on the border between Europe and Asia. It’s a key city on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The city has a vibrant urban life with over 1.4 million people living there. It is well known to have a world-class infrastructure and a buzzing art scene. More information here.

Top things to do in Ekaterinburg

Romanov Death Site
Vysotskiy Viewing Platform
Museum of Architecture and Design
Yekaterinburg War Museum
The Church of Ascension

Matches played in Ekaterinburg

Egypt vs Uruguay: 15 June at 17:00
France vs Peru: 21 June at 20:00
Japan vs Senegal: 24 June at 20:00
Mexico vs Sweden: 27 June at 19:00

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Kaliningrad – city of the four Ks

Known in different languages as: Kaliningrad, Königsberg, Krolewiec and Karaliaučius. This Russian city is capital of the exclave oblast of Kaliningrad, located between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic coast. The city has a brand new airport build in 2007 connecting international airports. More information here.

Top things to do in Kaliningrad

Museum of the World Ocean
Bunker Museum
Kant Island and Riverside
Kaliningrad Cathedral

Matches played in Kaliningrad

Croatia vs Nigeria: 16 June at 21:00
Serbia vs Switzerland: 22 June at 20:00
Spain vs Morocco: 25 June at 20:00
England vs Belgium: 28 June at 20:00

Kazan – Photo: Adam Jones – Flickr

Kazan – capital of the Tatars

One of my Best 18 Cities to Visit in 2018! The city is known for its interesting mix between Slavic and Tatar cultures. The cityscape is dominated by mosque minarets and cathedral towers standing peacefully side by side. Lucky are those supporters who will visit! More information here.

Top things to do in Kazan

Kazan Kremlin, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Old Tatar Settlement
National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan
Kul Sharif Mosque
Annunciation Cathedral

Matches played in Kazan

France vs Australia: 16 June at 13:00
Iran vs Spain: 20 June at 21:00
Poland vs Colombia: 24 June at 21:00
South Korea vs Germany: 27 June at 17:00


St Basil’s Cathedral

Moscow – the heart of Russia

The capital of Russia is without any doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is host of exceptional cultural landmarks and three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city will host the main games of the World Cup, the opening match, a semi-final and the grand final. Check out my guide on things to do in Moscow in two days and even more information on here.

Top things to do in Moscow

Moscow Kremlin
Red Square
Ballet at the Bolshoi
Gorky Park
St Basil’s Cathedral

Matches played in Moscow

Russia vs Saudi Arabia: 14 June at 18:00
Germany vs Mexico: 17 June at 18:00
Portugal vs Morocco: 20 June at 15:00
Denmark vs France: 26 June at 17:00

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Nizhny Novgorod – Russia’s third capital

Situated on hilltops overlooking the Volga River, Nizhny Novgorod is a commercial hub in Russia and is known as the third capital of the country. The city allies tradition with modernity. From museums to water cruises on the river, World Cup supporters will not get bored! More information here.

Top things to do in Nizhny Novgorod

The Kremlin
The Cable Car
Apartment of Andrei Sakharov
Western European Art Collection

Matches played in Nizhny Novgorod

Sweden vs South Korea: 18 June at 15:00
Argentina vs Croatia: 21 June at 21:00
England vs Panama: 24 June at 15:00
Switzerland vs Costa Rica: 27 June at 21:00


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Rostov-On-Don – gateway to the North Caucasus

Home to the freedom loving Cossacks, Rostov is one the most cosmopolitan cities in its region. With its geography and culture it is a gate to the North Caucasus and a charming stop for the Don River. More information here.

Top things to do in Rostov-On-Don

Visit Starocherkasskaya, a village located 27 km from Rostov
H2O, indoor water park
Don Riverside
Regional Museum

Matches played in Rostov-On-Don

Brazil vs Switzerland: 17 June at 21:00
Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia: 20 June at 18:00
South Korea vs Mexico: 23 June at 18:00
Iceland vs Croatia: 26 June at 21:00

st petersburg

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Saint Petersburg – city of the Tsars

From architecture to art, Saint Petersburg is a legendary city. Its magical White Nights in June are matching with the World Cup. The sun barely sets down so the city stays enlightened throughout the night. The canals and the 342 bridges in the city make up the city centre which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. More information here.

Top things to do in Saint Petersburg

The White Nights
The Hermitage
St Isaac’s View
Canal cruising

Matches played in Saint Petersburg

Morocco vs Iran: 15 June at 18:00
Russia vs Egypt: 19 June at 21:00
Brazil vs Costa Rica: 22 June at 15:00
Nigeria vs Argentina: 26 June at 21:00


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Samara – the aerospace base

Famous for being Russia’s aerospace centre, Samara is a lively city, especially in Summer. Its river banks get busy with swimmers, skaters or simply beer drinkers. It’s famous for having a great selection of restaurants and exceptional activities for visitors. More information here.

Top things to do in Samara

Stalin’s Bunker
Modern Museum
Alabin Museum
Children’s Art Gallery

Matches played in Samara

Costa Rica vs Serbia: 17 June at 16:00
Denmark vs Australia: 21 June at 16:00
Uruguay vs Russia: 25 June at 18:00
Senegal vs Colombia: 28 June at 18:00

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Saransk – home of the champions

Known as a hometown for many Olympic and World athletes, Saransk totally deserves the status of host city for the 2018 World Cup. It is capital of the Repuplic of Mordovia and the origin of the Finno-Ugric nations. The city and its region preserve a strong cultural identify of the Moksha and Erzya ethnic groups. More information here.

Top things to do in Saransk

Museum of Mordovia Folk Culture
Millennium Square
Victory Square
Soviet Square

Matches played in Saransk

Peru vs Denmark: 16 June at 19:00
Colombia vs Japan: 19 June at 15:00
Iran vs Portugal: 25 June at 21:00
Panama vs Tunisia: 28 June at 21:00


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Sochi – the heart of the Russian Riviera

Sochi is no strange to hosting big events. It was the location for the 2014 Winter Olympics so its infrastructure is still modern and updated to host the matches of the World Cup. It’s known as the summer city as it is directly on the Black Sea and is a popular summer destination for many Russians. More information here.

Top things to do in Sochi

Lenin Mosaic
Park Riviera
Museum of Sochi History
Winter Olympic Park

Matches played in Sochi

Portugal vs Spain: 15 June 21:00
Belgium vs Panama: 18 June at 18:00
Germany vs Sweden: 23 June at 21:00
Australia vs Peru: 26 June at 17:00


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Volgograd – the city of the battles

Known as Stalingrad for its World War II battles, Volgograd has shifted from a battlefield to a modern city with major industries such as shipbuilding, oil and steel productions. The past history has left its marks in the city’s monuments and landmarks. More information here.

Top things to do in Volgograd

The Motherland Calls
Museum The Battle of Stalingrad
Volga-Don Canal
Pavlov’s House

Matches played in Volgograd

Tunisia vs England: 18 June at 21:00
Nigeria vs Iceland: 22 June at 18:00
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt: 25 June at 17:00
Japan vs Poland: 28 June at 17:00

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Have you ever been to any of 2018 World Cup host cities in Russia?