Vlog: Langkawi Island, Malaysia

I love visiting big capitals of the world and I have done so for over 3 years but one day, I wanted to break this habit so I booked a flight for Malaysia. Of course I went to Kuala Lumpur but most of my stay was in Langkawi Island. This paradisiac island is full of turquoise beaches, jungles, wild animals and all the extras from tropical islands like drinking cocktails by the beach club.

Visiting Istanbul During High Terror Alert


Back in March 2016, the very heart of Istanbul was bombed by terrorists. The following day after those horrific attacks, I was due to go visit Istanbul. Of course, I was re-considering my trip… Should I stay or should I go? I was carefully following news every hour and asking Turkish friends about the situation. They were honest with me and even told me not go… But at the end, I decided to not let fear overtake. So for the love of travel and (somehow) by solidarity with the Turkish nation, I went to Istanbul.

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Week-end in Cardiff and Brecon Beacons

IMG_3136 (1)

Cardiff is just 2 hours away by train from London but I only had the opportunity to visit once. However, 2 weeks ago a better opportunity came up! It was Traverse 2016 conference, a really fun conference run by travel bloggers for travel bloggers to learn some new tips and tricks to improve our blogs. Even though the conference takes up most of the time, the spare time left was very well spent as I visited parts of the city and the South Wales region dominated by the huge Brecon Beacons National Park.

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Off the city in Langkawi Island


It is rare for me to travel outside cities, hence, the name and thematic of my blog. But when I booked my flight to Malaysia, I surely wanted to do something “exotic” rather than stay only in cities of millions of crowds. The choice was simple: Langkawi Island. This touristy island attracts people from around the world looking to swim on turquoise beaches, connect with nature and go back home with a perfect tan.

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Guest Post: 15 Things to Do in Antwerp


The second largest city in Belgium, Antwerp is a thriving place with dozens of things to see and do, making it an ideal location in which to take a European city break. With stunning architecture, great cuisine and lively nightlife, there is something for everyone in this culturally-diverse city. Despite its inland location, Antwerp is also the second biggest port in Europe, while its artistic reputation dates back to the 17th century. The diamond industry is king in Antwerp, which is filled with cool clubs, while its cafe culture rivals any city in Europe. A trip to Antwerp is a charming delight – here are 15 of the best things to do during a visit to the city.

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6 Things I Miss About Mecca

mecca kaaba

Ever since I actively started travelling, it is rare for me to visit a place twice. Not because I don’t want to, but simply because there is no opportunity coming up to visit or sometimes visa issues can be it. Regarding my trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, I did it as part of a Muslim pilgrimage so it was an agency taking care of visas and all. Visiting as a tourist can be very hard so that pilgrimage was my occasion to hit two birds with one stone or as we say in Morocco: “hejja ou ziyara” (pilgrimage and tourism, all at once). Two years later, these things are what I miss most about Mecca.

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8 Hours in Amman Stopover

roman theatre amman

The Middle-East is the new hub for stopover trips as it connects Europe, America, Africa to the Asian continent. I had several stopovers there but this one is quite special. On a flight between Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur with Royal Jordanian, I had an 8 hours stopover at Amman Airport. Most people see this as the worst part of the trip but I saw it as an opportunity to get out and explore Amman.

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Mazagan: Where Morocco meets Portugal

I’m in Morocco this weekend and out of nowhere, I woke up and I decided to go for a day trip to El Jadida. I told my mum: “Do you want to join?”, she was on board! So we took our car from Casablanca for a small escape -we got caught up by the police for speeding, but that’s another story. Anyway, I always wanted to visit El Jadida because within this city, there is another city: Mazagan, which is a Portuguese city from the 16th century. At some point, I felt like this place is where Morocco meets Portugal.

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My Lisbon City-Break Turned Into a Nightmare


Back in May 2015, I took a quick week long trip to the Iberian Peninsula. Starting from Barcelona and finishing in Lisbon passing by Porto. Everything went fine until my last night in Lisbon… Upon arrival, I encounter an unexpected event: strike on the metro. That surely did not leave me stranded as I was lucky to find a bus passing by the station and terminating in Restauradores. Yes, the bus terminated where I was exactly staying. Such a lucky coincidence! But what was quite unfortunate is my bank leaving me without money on that night and for the next 6 months…

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