Scotland to London on The Caledonian Sleeper


One of the greatest things about travel, is the desire that I get to try exclusive and traditional experiences in the country where I am. For my first trip to Scotland, I took a flight to Edinburgh where I spent a great week-end enjoying the capital and its Scottish treats. But to make my experience even more local, I took a special overnight sleeper train back to London. It was a majestic overnight trip on The Caledonian Sleeper.

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The Perfect Day in Berlin


I’m in love with Berlin! It is such a nice city with so many things to do. It is very easy to enjoy it and have fun as people are generally friendly and out going. I think there are many ways to enjoy the city and here’s a little plan to have the perfect day in Berlin based on my preferences and my own experience. It is a fairly light plan but definitely a rich and fun one!

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Bremen: Germany’s Hidden Gem


I recently went on a 48 hours trip to Bremen, in Germany. It is probably not a place you have heard of but many hidden treasures in the city have had local and international impact. If I told you Bremen is home to the famous Becks beer, it is also home to the oldest wine in all of Germany and home to one of the finest UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I think you start so far putting Bremen on the map… Well, honestly, before visiting, I never heard of Bremen. But I am lucky to find cheap flights from London. So I booked my ticket and literally went on a treasure hunt!

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This is my Week-end in Edinburgh

edinburgh calton hill

From the Royal Mile to the heights of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh is a city that has a lot to offer. I was lucky to visit during the last week-end of July, few days before the mythical Fringe Festival begins. I am somehow unlucky to miss it as it is one of the biggest events in the United Kingdom. However, during my 3-days-trip, I had the opportunity to visit some of the main touristy attractions in Edinburgh combining them with my own tastes and my own preferences on things to do and where to stay. So this, is my Edinburgh!

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5 Towns to Visit in Costa del Sol


Costa del Sol is a region of Spain that knows very well how to combine culture and beach holidays. I visited many times due to the close proximity with Morocco and I can say that I am always surprised by it. Costa del Sol is indeed just few kilometres away from Morocco when visiting by ferry and just over one hour away by plane from Casablanca. To kick off my summer holidays, I visited few weeks ago and here’s my suggestion of 5 towns to visit in Costa del Sol.

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48 Hours in Copenhagen


As I was recently randomly browsing flights, I found a cheap flight to a rather expensive destination. I booked a return London-Copenhagen for £15 only! That’s cheaper than my transfer from London to Luton Airport, from where I flew. Anyway, I took this short 48 hours city-break in Copenhagen just to reconnect with a destination I absolutely love but also get to do things a bit off the touristy trail. I visited Copenhagen back in 2013 for 5 days and I got to do the touristy stuff, from the Little Mermaid to the colourful Nyhavn.

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7 European Capitals to Visit This Summer


Europe might be a small continent but it is one of the most diverse. There are many things to see and do at any time of the year. For this summer, I suggest 7 European capitals to visit and enjoy a summer city-break. I am sure you will be surprised by some of my choices but I highly recommend what’s coming up on this list!

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“Surprise… You are going to Faro!”

algarve portugal flag

Have you ever showed up to an airport with no idea where you will be flying to? I kind of did that recently! Suprise Trips arranged a city-break for me where they took care of booking flights and hotel using Expedia’s advanced technology. Three days before my departure, they told me that it was going to be sunny and warm so that I know what to pack for the trip. Out of curiosity, I started browsing all their 77 destinations trying to guess where I will be going. Obviously, it wasn’t Reykjavik. But I assumed it would be on the Mediterranean or Central Europe. I failed guessing my own destination… but that was all part of the excitement and anticipation of going to a mystery destination. Once I arrive to London Luton Airport, I get the e-mail I’ve been waiting for… It says: “You are going to Faro”.

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Vlog: Langkawi Island, Malaysia

I love visiting big capitals of the world and I have done so for over 3 years but one day, I wanted to break this habit so I booked a flight for Malaysia. Of course I went to Kuala Lumpur but most of my stay was in Langkawi Island. This paradisiac island is full of turquoise beaches, jungles, wild animals and all the extras from tropical islands like drinking cocktails by the beach club.

Visiting Istanbul During High Terror Alert


Back in March 2016, the very heart of Istanbul was bombed by terrorists. The following day after those horrific attacks, I was due to go visit Istanbul. Of course, I was re-considering my trip… Should I stay or should I go? I was carefully following news every hour and asking Turkish friends about the situation. They were honest with me and even told me not go… But at the end, I decided to not let fear overtake. So for the love of travel and (somehow) by solidarity with the Turkish nation, I went to Istanbul.

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