Day Trip to Vianden Castle in Luxembourg

Visiting Luxembourg was the easiest and most stress-free trip I’ve ever made. From the moment I land at Luxembourg International Airport to the moment I left. Why? Simply because it’s a small landlocked country and everything is near everything. So I was based in the capital, Luxembourg City, but I took the opportunity to visit Vianden and its majestic castle. The trip overall takes 1 hour with the train, then the bus. I can tell that it’s definitely worth the detour!

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Long Week-end in Timisoara with Visit of Corvin Castle


In the past, I tried to visit Romania twice without any success. The first time was in 2014 during summer for a student festival in Timisoara but Schengen visa holders could only stay 5 days, so I cancelled. Then last year, I even booked my flights to Bucharest but a visa story again. This third attempt definitely worked. I booked a Monday off at work to enjoy a long weekend in Timisoara and even explore other parts of the region with a day trip to Hunedoara to visit Corvin Castle.

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Travelling the World with a Moroccan Passport

corvin castle

I’ve been asked many times if I hold dual nationality. The answer is no. I only have a Moroccan passport, which I am really proud of. However, visa-free countries for Moroccans are quite limited. Morocco ranks 72 worldwide for passport power with barely 58 countries to visit without visas. So how do I manage to visit 40 countries with my green passport? This blog post gives some lights to readers eager to know more about visas I took and what countries I visited visa-free.

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Things to Do in Paris in One Day


The capital of France is amongst some of the most visited cities in the world. I probably count as half of those visitors as I went many many times there. To be honest, it is not my favourite place. However, in recent visits, I start to fall in love, finally. Some Paris sights are so classic that probably I don’t need to mention them on this blog post such as the Eiffel Tower. Here’s a little plan on things to do in Paris for one day based on my personal experiences.

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How to Travel from Podgorica to Tirana by Bus

I love the Balkans, it’s one of my favourite regions in the world. It’s authentic, unique and rich in culture. However, one of the downsides of this beautiful region is for sure the lack of public transports and intercity connections. Travelling by bus or by non-existing train is very time consuming and tiring. But is not impossible to get where you want to, so here’s how I travelled from Podgorica to Tirana by bus.

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One Year in Travel: From Faro to Tbilisi

2016 has been an exciting year for me, travel-wise! I kicked off my travels in January by visiting Serbia for one week followed by quick visits of Istanbul and Tbilisi. In March, for my birthday, I went to Langkawi Island in Malaysia with an 8 hours stopover in Amman on the way. In April, I visited Cardiff in the UK. In May, I stayed in Morocco for 2 weeks and Spain for one week. During the whole summer, I had city-breaks in Faro, Copenhagen, Paris, Bremen and Berlin. It was indeed a busy year! I hope it will be the same again in 2017. So Happy New Year!

17 Amazing Cities to Re-Visit in 2017


With 2017 just around the corner, there is a lot of planning to do. If your new resolution is to visit new places, mine is to re-visit some. On this blog post, I write about 17 cities I want to discover once again in the new year. If I re-add them to my bucket list, it can only mean I had an awesome time and I want to reconnect again. This list is based on trends in the travel industry for 2017 but mainly based upon my personal experiences.

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How to Combine Copenhagen and Malmö in One Trip

Whenever I have an opportunity to travel, I try to make the most out of it. So instead of visiting one country, I try to squeeze in another. That way, I see and discover more. Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden are just 35 minutes away by train from each other. Seriously, this calls for a combined trip! So that’s exactly what I did, two cities in one trip! Both cities are quite different despite their closeness but both offer plenty of things to keep busy on a typical Southern Scandinavia trip.

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