Europe might be a small continent but it is one of the most diverse. There are many things to see and do at any time of the year. For this summer, I suggest 7 European capitals to visit and enjoy a summer city-break. I am sure you will be surprised by some of my choices but I highly recommend what’s coming up on this list!



The Danish capital is surprisingly cute and well preserved, it got many things to offer to visitors and during summer, days are very long! So plenty of things to do outdoors like swimming or chilling by the park.



Even though during the high peaks of summer, Berlin is always great to visit and it’s always possible to escape from the touristy crowds because a real Berlin experience is not about Checkpoint Charlie or Branderburg Gate but also party and local life.

tirana albania


The capital of Albania is absolutely amazing. It has many cool things to enjoy during a visit, from Skanderbeg Square to the many bars in Bloku. It’s also very easy to mix up with locals as they are very friendly and welcoming. Moreover, Albania is a small country so it’s easy to arrange day trips from Tirana.



Warning… This city is being discovered. It’s best to visit Belgrade sooner than later because the country is in transition and so not much of the authentic Belgrade will be left. It is my favourite city in Europe for many reasons, go visit and find out!



The Slovak capital is usually not on a Euro trip itinerary which is a shame because it has so many cool things to do. It’s small, cute and well preserved. It’s also full of culture and interesting hidden Central European secrets.



Georgia is the real transition point between Europe and Asia and Tbilisi totally incorporates that blend. The city is easy to reach from East Europe and Turkey and Georgia Tourist board promises a fun summer in the city!



Portugal is a very touristy country but it is becoming even more! I visited Lisbon last year and I absolutely loved it even though I brought a bad souvenir from there. I find it very crowded but the architecture is absolutely stunning. People are also very friendly and easy going. Plus, the food is to die for… Especially those Pastel de Nata.