Warsaw Top

Few months ago I visited Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Warsaw was a good choice to taste a bit of the Polish culture. This city is amazing and shows the historical transitions of Poland and different eras the country has been through. This is clearly reflected in its buildings, streets, people and culture.

Although I stayed only for a week-end, I did enjoy every moment there. On this article, I made a list of my favourite experiences. So here a Top 5 of things a visitor must do on a city-break in Warsaw…


1- Visit The Warsaw Uprising Museum

No hesitation, the Warsaw Uprising Museum comes first on my top 5! It is the best museum I have been to and my biggest surprise in Warsaw. The Uprising Museum gives information in an interactive way. The design inside is stunning and made me travel between periods Poland has been through, from the suffering of the Second World War to the Soviet Era and from The Warsaw Uprising to the last couple of years where Poland becomes an EU member and a model of development in the region. If you like history then this museum is made for you. Unmissable in Warsaw!


2- Wander around the Old Town

The Old Town is considered as the main touristic spot of the city. It has been established in the 13th century and has been a theatre of different events. During the memorable Invasion of Poland in 1939, the Old Town has been destroyed during the terror bombings by the German Nazi. Following the Siege of Warsaw, some parts of the town were rebuilt but during Warsaw Uprising in 1944 it has been totally destroyed again. Warsaw has lost its historical town several times, however, it has been rebuilt once again after the Second World War.

I enjoyed walking around the Old Town as in every corner there is something special to see such as the Mermaid, the Barbican, The Royal Castle… etc. No hints, I will let you wander around and find those treasures!


3- Party with locals

Anywhere I go, I try to meet with locals to have an insider look over the city I stay in. Couchsurfing helps me find people who are willing to show me their city or host me for few days. That was the case in Warsaw. I have been in touch with a group of Polish who invited me and my friend to party on our arrival. We have been to an underground club named Hydro where we had a great night. The younger generation in Poland surely knows how to party and greet foreigners. They are really nice, open-minded and welcoming.


4- Get to the Palace of Culture and Science

Before I even get to Warsaw the only place I’ve known and looked forward to visit was the Palace of Culture and Science. I don’t know why but I really like this building. Maybe it is the way it stands over Warsaw’s skyline or maybe it is its architecture from the Soviet Era. Anyway, the reception is awesome and there is the option of getting to the top of it and enjoy a view over the city unfortunately I couldn’t get there as the weather was not the best!


5- Try Polish Food

Apart from my “New Country, New Stamp” habit (get as many stamps as possible on my passport), I really insist on trying the local food. Polish food is really delicious, I have tried some traditional dishes. I got potatoes with mushrooms (Vegan Pyzy) and a sort of local pancakes. All for a cheap price! What can I ask for more?