With 2017 just around the corner, there is a lot of planning to do. If your new resolution is to visit new places, mine is to re-visit some. On this blog post, I write about 17 cities I want to discover once again in the new year. If I re-add them to my bucket list, it can only mean I had an awesome time and I want to reconnect again. This list is based on trends in the travel industry for 2017 but mainly based upon my personal experiences.

Skadarlja is Belgrade's bohemian street with many Kaffanas and restaurants.

Skadarlja is Belgrade’s bohemian street with many Kaffanas and restaurants.

Belgrade, Serbia

Every year for the past couple of years, I visit Belgrade for the Serbian Orthodox New Year celebrations. Unfortunately in 2017, I cannot celebrate as I work full-time now. However, later during the year, I definitely want to visit again. Belgrade is a great combination of history, culture and party. The city is authentic, cheap and very welcoming to new visitors (and re-visitors!).

Some of the best attractions are: Kalemegdan Fortress, Skadarlja Street and Nikola Tesla Museum which are all explained in more details on my blog post here.

Charles Bridge is Prague's main attraction.

Charles Bridge is Prague’s main attraction.

Prague, Czechia

The Czech capital has one of the most beautiful old towns I have ever seen in Europe. I think everyone who has visited wants to go there again! It has many pretty sights such as The Castle over looking the city with exceptional views, the Old Town Square and its many attractions and active nightlife!

The most touristy attraction in Prague is Charles Bridge. This bridge deserves all the attention as it is truly beautiful and gives a symbolic dimension to the city. I visited Prague in Spring few years ago, so maybe this time, I want to experience it during winter. It must be magical under the snow.

Sarajevo is so pretty under the snow!

Sarajevo is so pretty under the snow!

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Whoever reads this and have been to Sarajevo before, will get a fresh batch of nostalgic memories. Every visitors leaves this city changed. I barely stayed for 48 hours in Sarajevo and I left with many stories. Some stories, I will never forget.

The city has a sad past due to the Bosnian War whilst some scars are still visible. Talking to friendly people and listening to their stories was a fantastic experience I had. I want to have more Bosnian friends, that’s why I want to go back in 2017!

Minaret of a mosque in the Red City of Marrakech.

Minaret of a mosque in the Red City of Marrakech.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech has been buzzing in 2016 as one of the best travel destinations in the world.

As I am from Morocco, I tend to ignore my own country and visit other places. The reason why I do that, is because I think I have all my life to go home and travel there. But in reality, I should go and do it now! This is why I added Marrakech to my bucket list. From Jamaa Lfna Square to the Majorelle Gardens, the red city keeps impressing me everytime I visit. I want to be impressed again this year, and you should too!

Oh Paris treated me so well in 2016. Looking for another visit next year!

Oh Paris treated me so well in 2016. Looking for another visit next year!

Paris, France

To be honest, I have a hate/love relationship with Paris. I kind of neglected the city for the past years to focus on visiting new destinations. However, in 2016, I decided to give it a chance. I absolutely loved it! It was like I visited for the first time. I want to go back in 2017 because you know what they say… Paris is never a bad idea.

In front of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw,

In front of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw,

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is on my list of cities to re-visit in 2017. The Polish capital has many things to offer, from party to history. So it’s a great combination to have a perfect city-break.

The Old Town has been totally reconstructed after it has been destroyed during World War II. It has lost its authenticity, however, it still has an indestructible spirit. The Communist past is also noticeable in the city but the younger generation is very globalised and connected to the world. I felt very special in Poland as people are interested in Morocco and want to know more about my country.

Some of my favourite sights in Warsaw are: The Palace of Culture and Science, the Upraising Museum and the Old Town.

The City of London has some of London's most iconic buildings!

The City of London has some of London’s most iconic buildings!

London, UK

I live here but I feel like whoever visits London before, must comeback in 2017. London is always a great idea, it has so much to offer from famous attractions like Big Ben and London Eye, to much more discreet areas like Chelsea. I personally feel like a tourist here even though I live here, sometimes I take Bus 11 and enjoy the ride in between pretty London sights.

Celebrating the Birth of Lord Krishna with locals in Mumbai.

Celebrating the Birth of Lord Krishna with locals in Mumbai.

Mumbai, India

Mumbai is probably not the most touristic city in India. However, it is becoming more welcoming to foreign tourists. I think it’s the place that you really want to escape after you spend 3 days. But it’s also the place that you miss right after you have left. That’s how I felt, and that’s why I want to go back.

I also had an incredible experience when I witness celebrations of Lord Krishna’s Birthday in a temple. It was absolutely amazing!

Brussels, Belgium

The Manneken Pis is pretty disappointing monument in Brussels. But Brussels is more than that! It’s also a place where you must be careful from not having an overdose of waffles, chocolate and frites!

I visited twice Brussels but to be honest my visits were quick and also revolved around food mainly. This new year, I want to get to know the city better and see what it really has to offer.

Vienna is so beautiful!

Vienna is so beautiful!

Vienna, Austria

This is really high up my bucket list. I want to visit Vienna in the start of February. I want to go during the Ball season to experience real Austrian traditions between the several Opera Houses of the city. I need to learn how to dance Waltz but I can get there!

I love the architecture. It is very elegant and to escape the city life, locals go out to nature. I had fun when I went climbing rocks on a typical Austrian activity.

Cairo, Egypt

Egypt is re-opening itself to tourism after series of instabilities. 2017 should be the year to visit Egypt again and it is also my own opportunity to return. I love Cairo. It’s a very special and unique city with a very rich history incorporating a blend of North African and Middle-Eastern traditions. But the most concrete legacy is the one left by the Pharaons: the Pyramids are simply surreal!

Cairo is also a great base to start travels in Egypt. I went on a Nile Cruise with my family, that way I got to discover many other interesting places in the country.

Kula Lumpur's Petronas Twin Towers are seen from every corner of the city!

Kula Lumpur’s Petronas Twin Towers are seen from every corner of the city!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is on my list because I was sick while visiting last time. So I missed a lot! I did however like the little I have seen, so I want to go back. The city’s skyline, dominated by Petronas Twin Towers is simply impressive.

I love how well connected Kuala Lumpur is. So I went on a trip to Langkawi Island to enjoy a bit of time off the city.


Café Baba is the ultimate place to Rock the Kasbah!

Tangier, Morocco

Tangier isn’t my favourite city in Morocco. But in 2017, I want to give it a chance. I want to re-visit again to get lost in the Old Town, enjoy the nightlife and simply have a drink by the Mediterranean Sea while watching sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.


Theatre Square in Tbilisi is so pretty!

Tbilisi, Georgia

This city is on my list and it should be on yours too. Tbilisi is a very beautiful and pretty city. It has a mix of many cultures and faces which I absolutely liked. Once I am in a church, few meters later, I visit a synagogue! People are friendly and seem to be easy going, especially the younger generation. Regarding attractions, there’s a lot to see but my favourite place is Theatre Square!

This year, Georgia is opening up to host much more tourists, so it’s your chance to go visit or re-visit. I had an introduction to Tbilisi already so now, I’m ready for more Georgian adventures.

Skandarberg Square in Tirana, is always ready for a new year!

Skandarberg Square in Tirana, is always ready for a new year!

Tirana, Albania

Albania is a hidden gem in Europe. Many people don’t even know this country but once you go, you will want to go back for sure. I visited Tirana during Christmas period last year and I was amazed by the magical decorations and the warm atmosphere. Albanians are very welcoming and they love to be hosts for guests!

In Tirana, I got to experience a typical Balkan experience but also witness this country in transformation. From the ugly Pyramid in the city center, to the numerous bunkers, the communist and isolation era is still visible. However, people are very open to the world now and they are slowly but surely transforming their country.

Sunset over Berlin from KlunkerKranich, an alternative rooftop bar.

Sunset over Berlin from KlunkerKranich, an alternative rooftop bar.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is never a bad idea and what’s sure, is that it’s always fun! It’s the city to have a fun adventure to remember all your life. It’s also a place to enjoy history, culture and party!

I love how every building in the city has a connection with the tragic history of the city. From Brandenburg Gate to the Berlin Wall, from Checkpoint Charlie to Holocaust Memorial, this city is an open museum. On this blog post, I suggest some recommendations on how to spend the perfect day in Berlin.

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest.

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest.

Budapest, Hungary

I think I need another bath in Budapest next year. This city is famous for its bath culture but also for its stunning architecture and rich history related to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The city is also unique for nightlife and party with many cool bars and clubs.

I love walking around the Danube River side, it felt so refreshing and exciting. One of my favourite sights is the Hungarian Parliament which lays directly on the river, reminding me of the Houses of Parliament in London. I look forward to a second visit! See you soon, Budapest!

Where do you want to travel to this new year? Any plans?